London 2038 Beta Terms and Conditions

  1. Tester has read and agrees to Our Rules and Guidelines
  2. Tester agrees to report to London 2038 any flaws he or she discovers in the game during the beta tests. Tester understands that prompt and accurate reports are of great value to London 2038 and promises best efforts to provide such reports. Tester agrees to immediately report exploits and vulnerabilities in the game and server.
  3. London 2038 offers to all beta testers who complete and return a copy of this Agreement and access to the London 2038 servers and a patch to allow online game play.
  4. Tester acknowledges that as a participant in London 2038’s beta test, Tester will be given confidential information. Specifically, Tester agrees that the characteristics, performance, and potential release date of London 2038, London 2038 itself (including all software and documentation) may be confidential and should be kept undisclosed without permission.
  5. Tester acknowledges that disclosure of Confidential Information could cause serious harm to the project and, as an essential term and condition of participating in the test, agrees not to disclose Confidential Information to any person or organization.
  6. Tester further agrees not to copy, decompile, or reverse engineer London 2038 at any time during or after the beta test.
  7. Tester agrees that their access to the game may be removed or revoked at any time without warning by the London 2038 moderators.
  8. Tester agrees that access to the game may be revoked or a permanent ban may be instituted for testers who harass, disobey, cajole, or otherwise disrespect staff, other players, scam, exploit, or attempt to cheat or hack the game in any way. Tester agrees that automating game actions (Autohotkey, etc) is a violation of this agreement and is punishable by a ban.
  9. Tester understands that London 2038 may have errors and produce unexpected results. Tester agrees that any use of London 2038, whether as part of this beta test or otherwise, will be entirely at Tester’s own risk. Tester agrees that the characters and accounts associated with the tester during the beta test may be removed or broken at any time.
  10. Tester understands and agrees that London 2038 does not own the intellectual property rights of Hellgate: London and therefore the London 2038 mod is provided “as is” and without warranty, express or implied. London 2038 specifically disclaims any implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will London 2038 be liable for any damages, including but not limited to any any incidental or consequential damages, whether resulting from impaired or lost data, software or computer failure or any other cause.