Our Rules and Guidelines

London 2038 is a free to play, private Hellgate: London server. It is heavily based on the state of the game during its Test Center days (particularly the TCv4 build, “Abyss Chronicles”), and aims to provide a purist experience of the original game.


1) Global Server Rules and Policies

Third Party Tools, Cheating, Exploiting, Botting

London 2038 is strictly against players using third-party programs / cheating or automation (“botting”). Any program that provides unintended advantages or in any way interacts with, inspects, or modifies the game client is strictly prohibited. In particular, the “mmBBQ” utility (and any program that behaves like it) is strictly disallowed.

London 2038 actively uses anti-cheat software to detect such behavior. Players caught using any such programs will be banned.


“Boxing” is strictly disallowed on London 2038. This is defined as playing more than one character per server by the same person, and is accomplished by such programs as “Sandboxie”.

Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action such as temporary bans and possible loss of accounts involved.

Playing one character per server, when/if multiple servers become available, will be allowed.

RMT (Real Money Trade)

The involvement of any currency, items, or services external to any London 2038 server is strictly forbidden.

This includes – but is not limited to – real money (USD, Euro, etc.), regulated or otherwise (Bitcoin), and virtual currency of any other game; for any of London 2038’s items or services (including, but not limited to: Items, Palladium, Power Leveling, Accounts/Characters).

Game Masters track the game’s economy very closely, and we take such transactions very seriously. Violation of this rule will most often result in permanent bans for all accounts involved (buyers, sellers, mules, transferrers).

Language, Harassment

Excessive use of foul or inappropriate language in public channels, or any such language specifically and consistently used against a player, will be considered disruptive and the offenders will be disciplined.

Players are advised to use the “ignore” function of the game for anyone exhibiting this behavior in public channels and/or guilds and parties. GMs will generally not act on private messages unless the player is abusing the system by such means as creating new accounts/characters to bypass a player’s ignore list.

Harassment is defined as the intentional, targeted abuse of another player by such behavior as taunting, being consistently profane, disrupting gameplay, or creating new accounts/characters to avoid filter mechanics.


2) Future plans, additions and feedback

London 2038 is still in an incomplete phase, as it steadily transitions from an Alpha into a Beta stage. While 2038 does aim to provide a purist experience of the original game, the original game itself has left a notorious legacy of balance issues and limited content, which we feel obliged to rectify.

Future plans include eventually adding new/community items, implementing unused NPCs (such as Glynnis), establishing recurring or unique events and possibly “season”-type event cycles, modifying class skills/gear, and possibly modifying vendors to include unused/new items.

New content, such as staff-made expansions or releasing new/previously unreleased classes is under consideration. New milestones in development are expected in the near future, so such additions remain a very real possibility.