Quickstart Guide

Congratulations On Participating in the Open Beta!

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Follow these quick steps to get started, or follow this more detailed guide if you need more thorough instructions. Remember you MUST ALREADY HAVE A COPY OF HELLGATE: LONDON TO PLAY.

0. Join the London 2038 Discord for real-time communication with other testers and project admins.

1. Install Hellgate: London from the original retail media, be sure to install in the English language and choose North America as the region.  We do not distribute the game! Do not ask for it or share links to pirated copies! You can find used copies of the game disk at retailers like eBay and Amazon.

2. Download and install the MP 2.0 TCv4 Patch

3. Download the London 2038 launcher 7zip file, and extract Launcher.exe and Patcher.xml into your Hellgate: London game directory (by default, “C:\Program Files\Flagship Studios\Hellgate: London”)

4. Run Launcher.exe from your Hellgate: London game directory mentioned above. The launcher will download a patch.

5. Click “Play” when the patch is completed and enter the credentials (username and password) you entered in the signup form.

6. Enjoy testing and report any bugs or issues on the bug report form! Be sure to review the known issues list before reporting a bug.