London 2038 Detailed Installation Guide

Crash’s 10 step London 2038 install guide.

In order to complete these steps you will need an original copy of the US/English Hellgate London PC game.   This can be in the form of either the original DVD or an ISO file. Do not ask London 2038 for a pirated copy of the game.  Ask around discord and someone may be able to lend a hand with how to find a copy of the original game.  Keep in mind that game serial codes are only needed for the game install, London 2038 does not check serial numbers, this means the same serial can be used for as many installs as it’s needed.

If you already have the game installed and are using said installation for any Revival mods, you will need to do a fresh install of the game and use said fresh install for the London 2038 Mod.

At the end of the 10 steps I will list some common errors you may run into during this whole process, please take note of them if you have any issues before bothering anyone about it.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it shall we!

Step 1

Insert your original DVD into the DVD rom drive.  If you are using an ISO file you can either Extract the ISO to a folder using something like 7-Zip, be sure to grab X64 for 64 bit OS or X86 for 32 bit OS. You can also grab Daemon Tools Lite HERE and mount the ISO to a virtual DVD drive.  I won’t go deep into how to extract ISO’s or mount them, these are just your options depending on what you are working with for original Game media.


Step 2

Run Setup.exe from the DVD/Extracted-Mounted ISO


Step 3

Choose English as the Language and North American Region.  Then click either Standard Install or Advanced install.  The difference between the two is Standard will install the game to the Program Files folder on the System Drive, Advanced will allow you to choose where you would like to install the game.  If you need to install to a different drive other than your system drive be sure to use Advanced Install.  I recommend the Advanced install to make things easier so you know where to look for the game.


Step 4

Provide the folder path of where you would like the game installed and click Install.  I used D:\London2038 in my example below.


Step 5

Scroll to the bottom and then click Accept to the EULA, then enter your game serial key and click OK.


Step 6

Wait for the install to complete and then click Finish once completed.  This can take up to 5-10 mins depending on your hardware.  Just be patient.


Step 7

Download the MP 2.0 NA Patch from HERE, once the download completes run the file by double clicking it and the extraction process will start.  Once it’s done extracting it will auto launch the updater and install the update.  Click Finish when it is completed.


Step 8

Download the London 2038 Launcher files from HERE. Extract the files from the .7z archive directly to the root of the game install folder.

You will need 7-ZIP to open this file, be sure to download X64 for 64 bit OS and X86 for 32 bit OS.

Double click the file once you have 7-Zip installed, it should open the file in 7-Zip automatically. Click the Extract button.

Now Choose the folder you would like to extract to, you should direct the extraction to the root of the folder you installed Hellgate London to, if you do this right you should be asked to Overwrite the original Launcher.exe file and you should click Yes.  See Below.


Step 9

Browse to the Game install folder, Right click Launcher.exe , click Sent To, Click Desktop (create shortcut), rename the shortcut to whatever you like, then double click the new icon you have created to start up and launcher.  Wait for the Launcher to update the game. It will say Ready when the game is up-to-date, Click the Play button and choose either DX10 or DX9.  DX9 is recommended.


Step 10

Once the game launches and you are at the Main Menu, click MultiPlayer Game, Make sure for Server London 2038 is chosen.  Enter your Username and Password and then press or enter or click the Enter button.


You have just successfully installed and logged into London 2038, congrats! laughing



Common errors and issues

  • Launcher claims the game is not the right version. You forgot to install the MP 2.0 patch or installed one that was no good. Use the links in this guide to be sure you have a good file. If you installed MP 2.0 and get this error you may need to uninstall and start fresh to be sure the right files are in place and used.


  • Launcher crashes upon launching it. Install .Net Framework 4.5, you can get it HERE.


  • When starting the Launcher and trying to patch the game you get an error that Language.dat is missing. You did not follow the first step and use Setup.exe to install! Download the proper Language.dat HERE – once downloaded, copy the file and paste it into the DATA directory of your game install. Example “D:\London2038\Data”


  • The game installs fine, the MP 2.0 patch installs fine, and the London 2038 launcher starts up and patches the game fine. When launching the game you just get a black screen and it hangs. See HERE for help.