Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we are asked about London 2038, the Hellgate Multiplayer Reboot. This is a fan project, not a commercial project! Please take a look and see if your question is answered here, and if not, you can come ask in Discord.

What is the London 2038 project?

London 2038 is a completely free, non-commercial, fan-made, volunteer-run private server project to bring back classic Hellgate: London multiplayer as it was in 2007-2009.

We are not the owners or copyright holders of Hellgate: London. This is a fan project which operates for free to give people who own Hellgate: London the opportunity to play online.

London 2038 is free to play, and involves no money at all. We don’t make any revenue or profit from the project, and run it simply as fans of the game.

How do I get the game? Can I download Hellgate: London from you?

The London 2038 project cannot, and will not, distribute the retail game from 2007. Players must own a copy of the game ”Hellgate: London” released in 2007 by Flagship Studios in order to play. You can find used or new copies of Hellgate: London on Amazon, eBay, and other game retailers. London 2038 is simply a mod which restores multiplayer functionality.

Does this cost money? Is there a cash shop, and/or a subscription?

London 2038 will never cost money, will never have anything for purchase, will never have a subscription, will never have a cash shop or money transactions of any kind, PERIOD. We may at some point accept donations, but you will never need a cent to play this game. This is a passion project for fans, by fans, and has 0 costs involved. We are all volunteers, and we want everyone to enjoy the game we remember without any cost EVER. No one will EVER make money off of this project. We don’t own the rights to Hellgate: London and cannot profit

How can I play Hellgate online?

Starting October 31st 2020, London 2038 has entered an open Beta stage. Follow the link in our quickstart guide to sign up. A detailed installation guide can also be found on the site.

What’s the status of the project?

The most direct way to stay informed on the status of the project at all times are the forum’s news section, and latest dev diary posts.

The project also has a dedicated Discord chat and a Facebook group, both of which are frequently updated with the latest developments.

What about donations?

We currently do not accept donations. The project will never charge money for anything, but in the future we may open donations. Any donations would be optional and be completely allocated to operational costs. If we do decide to accept donations, we will notify the community.

I have ideas about what should happen to Hellgate/the content/the project, how can I share my ideas?

The most reliable, productive place to share such ideas is the project’s forum, where threads dedicated to collecting community ideas can be found.


Class balance and skill changes will only be a priority once the game is in a stable state.

Not all suggestions can be given equal consideration, as they may conflict with each other, be balance-breaking in themselves, and so forth.

Ultimately, the dev team cannot and will not commit to act on all suggestions.

Will I be able to play Hellgate over LAN?

Not at the moment.

Will this be Hellgate: London or Hellgate: Global?  Will it have TCv4 content? What about Tokyo?

The current version of London 2038 reflects the state of Hellgate: London multiplayer during the TCv4 patch from 2008. Therefore the Stonehenge and Abyss Chronicles expansions are fully available.

It is noteworthy that London 2038 is drastically different from Hellgate: Global in many regards. We are not going to make London 2038 a Global clone, and almost all class balances are totally different from Global.

Is London 2038 compatible with SP mods?

No. London 2038 requires an unmodified installation of the game, patched with the official 2.0 MP patch, and will not be compatible with any SP modifications.

Characters created in SP, be it modified or not, will not be compatible with London 2038, and vice versa.

Where can the bug report form and a list of current known issues be found?

Testers have access to the #testing channel on Discord, where both of these documents can be found as pinned posts.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Discord’s interface, pinned posts can be found in the “pin” icon at the upper right of the screen.