Patch 1.2.0a Notes


  • For the first time, Hellgate London now has a DPS tracker. You can find it on the bottom right of your UI, under the power globe. It is an average of the last 3 seconds of DPS, updating every 1 second.
    • Post your DPS on the forums!
    • This is a brand new feature and is still definitely in alpha, so please make useful bug reports if you notice any oddities.
  • Server-side changes to allow better monitoring and logging have been implemented and should have no impact on tester experience.


  • Moloch and Talox both now have a 5% chance to drop one from any of the three retrainers (skill, stat, expertise).
  • Talox now has a 45% chance to drop one abyss weapon. The weapon can be in legendary, unique, or mythic quality.
  • Talox now has a 0.5% chance to drop one of the four common decorative pets (Manta, Manta FSS, Cocomoko, Cocomoko Korea).
  • Fulcrum, Squadro, and Dreadnaught now have a 7.5% chance to drop unique Abyss armor.
  • Fulcrum, Squadro, and Dreadnaught now have a 50% chance to drop Abyss armor (for any class) in legendary, double edged, or mythic quality.

32 Bit Support

  • As of patch 1.2.0a, London 2038 officially supports 32 bit Windows. Follow the install instructions as normal and you will be able to play.

Upcoming Planned Changes

As we move forward in the Open Alpha and come closer to a stable Beta game, we will continue to experiment with adjustments in drop rates and other mechanics. We are planning to apply an experimental patch in the future which modifies the drop rates for some items which have been seen as a bottleneck to gameplay. These changes are not final and may be tweaked at any time. Special thanks to Kikina for feedback and help with these changes.

These proposed changes do not mean we have completed bug fixing and stability work–far from it. We are continuing with our #1 priority of bug fixing and stability to allow the project to grow and flourish.┬áPlease see below for our planned adjustments. No set date exists for the release of this patch, there will be an announcement when it is ready.

Moloch Drop Changes:

  • Attribute Retrainer increased to 5% drop rate, up from less than 1%
  • Skill Retrainer increased to 5% drop rate, up from less than 1%

Talox Drop Changes:

  • All dye kits increased to 5% drop rate, up from 3%
  • Expertise Retrainer increased to 5% drop rate, up from less than 1%
  • Talox will have a new chance to drop a Skill Retrainer, at 5% drop rate
  • Talox will have a new chance to special Unique Abyss Weapons at a 10% drop rate and no class restrictions. (Gleamcarver, Dissector, Dissector shield, F-S Force Magnum, XM 909, Thumper, Bloodshards, and Glyphshards)
  • One of the 3 common rings will be guaranteed to drop per kill
  • Boss rings increased to 5% chance to drop.

Fulcrum, Squadro, Dreadnaught Changes:

  • Abyss Unique Armor Set Pieces increased to 10% drop rate, up from 4%, and are class restricted