Hotfix Patch 1.5.10b Notes

  • The issue with disappearing fragments has been fixed, and all fragments affected should automatically return to their prior locations.
    • In cases where the fragments’ prior locations clashed with new items placed there since, our automatic item recovery process should take effect and return them to you stack by stack.
      • If neither has applied to yours, please file a report about the issue.
  • Catharina’s daily quests have been fixed, and will now properly complete upon choosing one reward item.
  • The KungFu Bunny dye kit will now be tradeable as intended.
    • Note, this change is not retroactive.
  • The Parliament Square daily quests are no longer Collect-type quests (ie requiring collecting an item from their targets), and have now become Hunt-type quests instead (ie requiring killing their targets).
    • Their dialogues have been modified to reflect this change.
  • Nemo’s new event quest, “The Chicken and the Eggs”, will now be completed in Holborn Station instead of Templar Base.
    • This should simplify this quest further and prevent issues with early availability.
  •  Techsmith 314’s new quest, “Debt”, has had its text slightly modified for clarity.
    • This should also prevent confusion in cases when old players pick it up outside of Green Park Station.

Patch 1.5.9b Notes

Patch summary

This patch’s primary focus is twofold; first, to provide new fragment sources for our Emissaries of Myth event, introduced in 1.5.7, in line with player feedback. Second, to introduce a new Easter event of our own – hence the timing of its release.

Those aside, 1.5.9b brings a few concise changes to skills, quests, and items that streamline them and reduce redundancy. It also brings a new permanent encounter to Elite Passageways, which continues Wart’s legacy and pays homage to the work of Flagship Studios before Hellgate: London.
If the latter interests you, you can read more about the subject in CM Diary #29.


1.5.9b patch notes


Easter egg hunt

A new Easter event has been added to the game. This will serve as an annual event going forward, just like Flagship’s Halloween and Guy Fawkes events. 

Of course, this event may see changes in its second run next year, in line with player feedback – as it is our first event of its kind.




For the duration of Easter (April 17th to May 1st this year), you may randomly encounter “Liderc” in any of the following maps:

  • Chocolate Park
  • Savoy
  • Forgotten Ducts
  • Monument Crawlway
  • Bishop’s Court
  • Old Bailey
  • Abandoned Tunnels
  • Little Britain
  • The Foreboding Wild
  • York Road

This new enemy carries eggs which you can use to craft new, event-exclusive items in the Cube. The eggs come in 7 colors that correspond to their grades:

  • White – Common
  • Green – Enhanced
  • Blue – Rare
  • Orange – Legendary
  • Cyan – Double Edged
  • Yellow – Unique
  • Purple – Mythic

The drop rates for these eggs don’t exactly correspond to their grades, and are as follows:

  • 100% chance for one among white, green, blue, and orange
  • 10% chance for cyan
  • 5% chance for yellow
  • 1% chance for purple


Note: despite their assigned grades, eggs are quest items – so they will not be dismantled by the Piecemaker. As quest items, eggs will not be automatically placed in backpacks unless at least one copy of them is manually placed there first.




The recipes that use these eggs are all hidden, so as to not clutter the Cube, and they will all require different eggs. These recipes are as follows:

  • 1 white, 1 green, 1 blue, and 1 orange: new Rare, faction-specific boots; “Templar’s Tramplers”, “Hunter’s Hoppers”, and “Cabalist’s Clogs”.
    • These items will scale to the crafting character’s level.
  • 1 white, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 orange, and 1 cyan: new Unique ring, “Hopper’s Ring“.
    • This item will scale to the crafting character’s level.
  • 1 white, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 orange, 1 cyan, and 1 yellow: the previously unreleased “KungFu Bunny” dye kit with a new affix. 
    • This item doesn’t have a character level restriction. Its affix’s value also does not scale to the crafting player’s level.
  • 1 green, 1 blue, 1 orange, 1 cyan, 1 yellow, and 1 purple: a consumable candy, “Candy of the Hopper”, that grants a new title when consumed for the first time.
    • This item doesn’t have a character level restriction. Consuming more than one of this item will not have any additional effect.

All of the above eggs and items are tradeable and auctionable, with the exception of “Candy of the Hopper”.


Emissaries of Myth – fragment changes

Fragments will now be available from the following sources as well, alongside Hidden Passageway subbosses:

  • Catharina’s “They Returned” and “Thorned” daily quests, found in Parliament Square, as an option over Shinies (2)
  • The Explorer’s “Survival of the Fittest” daily quest, found in Stonehenge, as an option over essences (5)
  • The Abyss bosses (Dreadnaught, Fulcrum, Talox, and Squadro), in addition to their existing loot (2)
    • Bosses will only carry fragments of their own caste, and will only drop them during their caste’s weeks. So Dreadnaught will only carry beast fragments and will only drop them during beast weeks, and so on. Quest fragment castes will also rotate according to caste weeks.
    • The above quests’ texts have been updated to reflect this change.


Wart’s new Elite encounter

A new enemy, “The Butcher’s Imp”, has been added to the game, and will always be found in Elite Passageways. Generous loot aside, this enemy has a 50% chance to drop a “piece of gold” item. Using 50 of those alongside Wart’s Peg Leg will allow you to craft one of the following in the Cube:

The recipes for these items are hidden, and will only produce the item that is usable by the crafting character’s faction. These items will scale to the crafting character’s level.


New quests and quest changes

  • During Easter (April 17th to May 1st this year), Nemo will offer a new quest, “The Chicken and the Eggs”. This talk-type quest will signify the start of our new Easter event, outlined above.
    • You will not need to initiate or complete this quest to enable the Easter event; this quest only acts as an informal in-game announcement of it.
  • Techsmith 314 will now offer a new side quest, “Debt”, as soon as players reach Green Park Station and speak to Lucious Aldin, completing the 2nd part of “Arms & Answers”. This new quest will send the player to Savile Row and end with Goodall in Oxford Circus Station, serving as another way of leading players to this often-missed station.
    • Goodall’s first quest, “Placement”, will not require the completion of this quest to become available. While logical, this approach was avoided to prevent potential issues for characters who had already started her questline. 
  • The following one-time (ie non-repeatable) quests in Stonehenge and Parliament Square will now only be beatable in one difficulty instead of both:
    • Ken’s “Petrified”
    • Tour Guide Sangan’s “From The Underworld”
    • Athanasios’s “Perfectly Balanced”
    • Architect David’s “A Ship’s Flag”
      • These changes intend to reduce redundancy, where players would acquire the same dye kits twice. Completing these quests in either difficulty will unlock their subsequent daily quests for both difficulties.
  • Gil’s “Dogs” quest will now also award the following alongside “Empyreal Cannon”, so that non-Templar players can also get a reward they can use:


Item changes

  • Gil’s “Dogs” quest reward items, old and new, have been modified:
    • “The Burnshredder” has been removed from its prior location as a Fat Bully drop. Its level has been adjusted to match Empyreal Cannon’s more closely, and will now have a Nightmare version. It has also acquired an additional battery slot to match regular weapons of its type.
    • “Sympathy” will no longer drop globally. Its level has been adjusted to match Empyreal Cannon’s, and will now have a Nightmare version. It has also acquired a 20% field damage component.
    • “Empyreal Cannon” will now have a Nightmare version.
  • The levels of tutorial items have been adjusted to better align with their stations’ native levels:
  • “Watcher’s Will” will now grant +2 to all Grenade skills instead of +1.
    • This change intends to give it more comparable value to “Doompulse”, while accounting for additional new +Grenade sources.
  • “The Master’s Hand” will now drop slightly more frequently.
  • The new 2-handed Templar guns introduced in 1.5.7 will now drop slightly less frequently. This includes:


Skill changes

  • Shield Bash and Dark Offering can now be used even when the player is under the effects of shock.
    • These skills’ descriptions have been updated to reflect this change.
  • Great Defender has been removed from the “Shield” skillgroup.
    • This change seeks to have skillgroups make thematic sense, as Great Defender never required a shield or was related to shields, and to prevent near-constant uptime for a tremendous party buff – after 1.3.1’s massive CD reduction, from 180’’ to 60’’, and 1.5.0’s addition of +shield skill userate to Defender gear.

Patch Notes 1.4.1a

Item Changes:

  • Feed costs on mods are no longer completely random, they got revamped with the following rules:
    • Offensive abilities are bound to Willpower
    • Defensive abilities are bound to Stamina
    • Critical related abilities are bound to Accuracy
    • Secondary abilities ( e.g.: SFX, Range, Shield penetration ) are bound to Strength
  • Reduced the overall amount of consumables dropping.
  • Skillful rings will always spawn with at least one skill applied to them, along with the random affixes.

Gameplay changes:

Increased the stack size of certain quest items to prevent filling up your inventory with multiple stacks during questing.

Map Changes:

Ancient Blood got revamped: similar to Westminster Catacombs there is now four sets of handpicked monsters representing each caste, while Master Fiends and Reapers can appear in all of them. Reapers are uncommon and have more HP/Defense values than other monsters. They drop like a rare chest, and they also have a 100% chance to drop a Beast Essence, and a 5% chance to drop one of the named legendary items of Bloodblade (the reaper boss in Exodus map). 

Guy Fawkes event:

  • Guy Fawkes Night event is now enabled November 5th
  • Event related item drops are a lot less common, to prevent flooding your inventory.
  • Grenade blueprints can now be purchased from any vendor.
  • Related quests can be accepted from Nemo at Holborn Station or Templar Base.

Halloween event changes:

  • Halloween event is now enabled.
  • All necessary part of the Zombot pet including the blueprint can drop from monsters.
  • Halloween themed quests can be accepted from Nemo at Holborn Station or Templar Base.
  • You can’t get common consumables (like health injector) as a reward for repeatable quests anymore.




Die Anforderungskosten für Mods sind nicht mehr völlig zufällig, sie wurden mit den folgenden Regeln überarbeitet:

Offensive Fähigkeiten sind an Willpower gebunden.

Defensive Fähigkeiten sind an Stamina gebunden.

Kritische Fähigkeiten sind an  Accuracy gebunden.

Sekundäre Fähigkeiten (z.B.: SFX, Reichweite, Schildpenetration) sind an Strength gebunden.

Reduzierung der dropp Rate aller Verbrauchsgegenstände. 

Skillful rings  werden nun immer mit mindestens einer Fertigkeit erstellt , zusammen mit dem zufälligen Affixen.




Die Stapelgröße bestimmter Questgegenstände wurde erhöht, um zu verhindern, das das Inventar während des Quests mit gegenständen überfüllt wird.




Ancient Blood wurde nochmal überarbeitet: Ähnlich wie in den Katakomben von Westminster gibt es nun vier Gruppen von handverlesenen Monstern, die jede Art repräsentieren, während Master Fiends  und Reapers in allen von ihnen erscheinen können, sind Reapers selten und haben einen höheren HP/Verteidigungswerte als andere Monster. Sie sind zufällig wie eine seltene Truhe und haben auch eine 100%ige Chance eine Beastessenz fallen zu lassen. Zusätzlich besteht noch eine Chance von 5%, einen der benannten legendären Gegenstände von  Bloodblade zu erhalten. (Der reaper Boss aus Exodus map am Ende von Akt 4 ) 


Guy Fawkes Event:


Guy Fawkes Night Event ist nun aktiviert.

Grenade blueprints können nun von jedem Händler gekauft werden.

Relevante Quests können von Nemo in der Holborn-Station oder der Templerbasis angenommen werden.

Eventbezogene Gegenstände werden viel seltener fallen gelassen, um eine Überflutung des Inventars zu verhindern.


Das Halloween Event:


Das Halloween-Ereignis ist nun aktiviert.

Alle notwendigen Teile zum Bauen des Zombot Haustieres, einschließlich des Bauplans können nun von Monstern fallen gelassen werden.

Quests zum Thema Halloween können von Nemo in der Holborn Station oder der Templerbasis angenommen werden.

Du kannst keine gewöhnlichen Verbrauchsmaterialien (wie health injector) mehr als Belohnung für wiederholbare Quests bekommen.


Patch 1.4.0a Notes

General / Gameplay changes:

  • Skill descriptions are updated to reflect the recent changes.
  • These achievements are now fixed:
    • Fashion bug
    • Wuss
    • There’s No Place Like It
    • Tab A and Slot B
    • If I Had a Hammer…
    • A Big Improvement
    • You Found a What?
    • I Am The Destroyer
  • Parliament Square is now a safe zone and therefore a shared station

Item changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused some modded items to have more feed cost than they should.
  • Trinket rings can have most mod affixes, including ones that are exclusive to relics.
  • Rings should now always be produced in at least rare quality to increase the chance of Legendary Rings being produced by crafting.
  • Rate of fire of all XM3 Eviscerators are now increased to 600/min from 300/min.
  • Sniper rifles can only damage a target once even if the bullet penetrates it.
  • Corrected the inherent bonuses of legendary Cybernet Helmet and belts to match their unique versions.
  • Fixed the incorrectly allowed name modifications of The Merkabah shield via augmentrex.
  • All new weapon drops are restricted to Stonehenge.
  • All new weapons should spawn with at least one slot.
  • Fuse timer on all versions of Blaze Pistols are now reduced to 0.1 sec.
  • Craftable mods now require 10 times more ingredients.
  • Fixed a case where you should pay normal runic fragments twice for crafting focus items. It requires a stack of normal and a stack of rare runic fragments now.
  • Techsmiths should offer craftable weapons and mods more often than armors.
  • F-S “Omerta” SNPR changes:
    • Changed the splash damage type to electric from physical.
    • Removed the stun attack strength.
    • Added electricity attack strength, with 20% initial damage over 5 seconds when successfully apply sfx.
    • Base damage reduced by 60%
    • Rate of fire increased to 60/min from 30/min.
  • Balbi’s Ring, TPJ’s Handguards, Lanzer’s Longrunners, SuE Steadiers can now drop on high levels.
  • Advanced Scout Shoulderplates have been redesigned:
    • Removed spectral thorns damage.
    • Removed phase defense.
    • Added Armor Penetration (3 – 7)%

Transmogrifying Cube changes:

  • Added two new recipes for advanced mod crafting.
  • Added new functionality: when you hover over the ingredient list the ingredients are shown inside the empty area under the list for better readability.
  • All recipes of the cube are now displayed, it is no longer necessary to decrypt them.

Piecemaker changes:

  • The “piecemaker” will no longer grab every item at maximum distance. It’s radius for auto-pickup has been reduced to 80% of the previous value.
  • Items that get auto-dismantled this way will now also count towards the minigame.

Monster balance changes:

  • Reduced the damage of Riftcoils by 50%
  • Reduced the critical chance of Riftcoils to 5% from 15%
  • Reduced the damage of Shard Skimmers by 25%

Summoned minion behaviour changes:

  • All minions should teleport to the player when they are further away than 60m, even if you relocate yourself with a party portal. This change includes:
    • Fire Elemental, Spectral Elemental, Force Elemental, Electric Elemental, Toxic Elemental, Zombies of Dark Lord skill, Carnagor, Warper and Reaper.
  • Fire / Spectral / Electric / Toxic Elementals should now go ahead more aggressively, and should begin following their leader earlier.

Evoker changes:

  • Skill pre-requirements on Evoker that was greater than 2 is now reduced to 2.
  • Summon Ember fire 5 projectiles. Increased damage per level is replaced by increased ignite attack strength.
  • Reduced the fuse timer on Flameshards to 0.1 sec and the missile spread by 33%.
  • Base damage of Flameshards is increased by 10% per skill level.
  • Reduced the fuse timer on Hellfire to 1 sec for the marker from 2 sec, and 0.3 sec for the impact from 1.65 sec.
  • Base radius of Hellfire is increased by 0.5m per skill level.
  • Base damage of Hellfire’s field increased by 50%, and it lasts for 5 sec from 3 sec.
  • Power costs of Hellfire and Swarm are reduced by 50%.
  • Demonspine and Venomous Spirit now shoot 4 projectiles. Their base damage got adjusted based on the extra projectiles, and it will also increase by 10% per skill point spent.
  • Spectral Curse level requirement is reduced to 25 from 30, and it is relocated by one row above its original place.
  • Spectral Lash Mastery level requirement is reduced to 20 from 25, and it is relocated by one row above its original place.
  • Spectral Serpents is now connected to Spectral Curse, and changed the skill pre-requirements from Spectral Lash Mastery to Spectral Curse.
  • Skullsplitter is now explode on contact enemy units, and got it’s damage reduced by 45%.
  • Base range of Firestorm is increased to 17m from 10m. The missile spread is adjusted to the change.

Engineer changes:

  • You can now learn Sword Retrofit without taking Gun Retrofit.
  • Sword Retrofit and Gun Retrofit can now be learned at lvl5 and has Construct Drone as a pre-requirement.
  • Medpak Retrofit is moved under Sword Retrofit, and it is now a pre-requirement of Gyroblade.
  • Medpak Retrofit is merged with Shield Generator Retrofit, and now requires Sword Retrofit.
  • Items augmented with Shield Generator Retrofit will no longer drop, and cannot be augmented using crafting. Existing items will persist.
  • Gyroblade’s cooldown reduced to 10 sec at lvl1 from 40 sec, and power cost is reduced to 50 from 160.
  • Haste Bot and Nanobots can be learned without any skill pre-requirements.
  • Rapid Fire no longer has Tactical Stance as a pre-requirement.
  • You can no longer use Tactical Mode under the effect of Rapid Fire.
  • The cooldown of Tactical Mode is reduced to 20 sec from 40 sec.
  • Fixed a drone bug causing attribute and item equip issues when changing zones


Allgemeines / Änderungen im Gameplay:

Ein Fehler wurde behoben der dazu führte, dass einige Mods höhere Anforderung hatten als angegeben.

Die Beschreibungen der Fertigkeiten wurde aktualisiert, und sind jetzt Aktuell zu den letzten Änderungen.

Folgende Erfolge funktionieren nun wie vorgesehen:


  • Fashion bug
  • Wuss
  • There’s No Place Like It
  • Tab A and Slot B
  • If I Had a Hammer…
  • A Big Improvement
  • You Found a What?
  • I Am The Destroyer

Parliament Square ist nun eine sichere Station.


Änderungen an Gegenständen                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Schmuckringe können nun die meisten Mod-Affixe haben, einschließlich solcher, die ausschließlich für Relikte bestimmt sind. Des weiteren sollte die Ringe nun immer mindestens in Seltener Qualität hergestellt werden um die Chance auf Legendäre Ringe bei der Herstellung zu erhöhen.

 Schussrate aller XM3-Eviscerators wurde von 300/min auf 600/min erhöht.

Scharfschützengewehre können ein Ziel nur einmal treffen, auch wenn die Kugel das Ziel durchschlägt.

Die festen Boni von legendären Cybernet Helmen und Gürteln wurden korrigiert, um ihren einzigartigen Versionen zu entsprechen.

Die falsche Namensänderungen des Unique Merkabah-Shild’s beim verwenden des Augmentrex wurden behoben.

Alle neuen Waffen können nur in den Zonen von Stonehenge gefunden werden.

Alle neuen Waffen sollten mit mindestens einem Slot spawnen.

Der Sicherungstimer bei allen Versionen von Blaze Pistols wird nun auf 0,1 Sekunden reduziert.


F-S “Omerta” SNPR Änderungen:

– Die Art des Flächenschadens wurde von physikalisch auf elektrisch geändert.                                                     – Die Stärke des Betäubungsangriffs wurde entfernt.   – Elektrische Angriffsstärke wurde hinzugefügt , sollte der Gegner erfolgreich Geschockt werden wird der Schaden um 20% über die ersten 5 Sekunden erhöht.                                                            – Basisschaden wurde um 60% reduziert – Die Schussrate wurde von 30 Schuss pro Minute auf 60 Schuss pro Minute erhöht.

Das herstellen von Mods benötigen jetzt 10 mal so viele Zutaten wie zuvor.

Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, in dem man normale Runenfragmente zweimal bezahlen sollte, um einen Fokus zu erstellen, es erfordert jetzt einen Stapel normale und einen Stapel seltenen Runenfragmenten.

Crafting NPC’s sollten nun häufiger Waffen und Mods anbieten anstatt Rüstungen.

Folgende Low Level Uniques können nun auch in hohen Leveln gefunden werden:                        Balbi’s Ring, TPJ’s Handguards, Lanzer’s Longrunners, SuE Steadiers

Advanced Scout Shoulderplates wurde neu desingt (um eine alternative für Sue’s anzubieten) :

Spektrale Dornenschäden wurden entfernt.                                                                                       Der Widerstand gegen Phase wurde entfernt.         Es wurde Durchschlag der Rüstung (3 – 7)% hinzugefügt.

Transmogrifying Cube Änderungen:

Zwei neue Rezepte für fortgeschrittenes Mod Crafting hinzugefügt (Legendäre und Mystische Mod’s ).

Neue Funktion hinzugefügt: Wenn Sie mit der Maus über die Zutatenliste fahren, werden die Zutaten im leeren Bereich unter der Liste zur besseren Lesbarkeit angezeigt.

Alle Rezepte des Würfels werden nun angezeigt, es ist nicht mehr nötig diese zu entschlüsseln.

Änderungen am Autodismantler:

Der “Piecemaker” schnappt sich nicht länger sämtliche Items schon bei maximaler Distanz. Der Radius für das Auto-Pickup wurde auf 80% des vorherigen Wertes reduziert.

Auf diese Weise zerlegte Gegenstände zählen nun auch wieder für das Minigame.

Monsterbalance Änderungen:

Der Schaden von Riftcoils wurde um 50% reduziert.                                                                                 Die kritische Chance von Riftcoils wurde von 15% auf 5% reduziert. Der Schaden von Shard Skimmers wurde um 25% reduziert.

Änderungen an dem Verhalten der beschworenen Diener:

Alle Diener sollten sich zum Spieler -teleportieren, wenn sie weiter als 60m entfernt sind, auch wenn die Position durch ein Gruppenportal verändert wird.

Diese Änderung beinhaltet:

Fire Elemental, Spectral Elemental, Force Elemental, Electric Elemental, Toxic Elemental, Zombies of Dark Lord skill, Carnagor, Warper und Reaper.

Fire / Spectral / Electric und Toxic Elementare sollten nun aggressiver vorgehen und früher ihrem Anführer folgen.

Änderungen am Evoker:

Die Vorrausetzung für alle Fertigkeiten des Evoker, die größer als 2 waren, werden nun auf 2 reduziert.                                                                                                                                       Summon Ember: feuert nun 5 Geschosse. Erhöhter Schaden pro Stufe wird durch erhöhte Entzündungsstärke ersetzt.

Die Zündzeit bei Flameshards wurde auf 0,1 Sekunden reduziert und die Raketenausbreitung um 33% reduziert.                                                                                                 Der Basisschaden von Flameshards wird um 10% pro Fertigkeitspunkt erhöht.

Die Zeit bis Hellfire auslöst wurde von 2 Sekunden auf 1 Sekunde reduziert, der Einschlag wurde von 1,65 Sekunden auf 0.3 Sekunden reduziert.                                                                        Der Flächenradius von Hellfire wird um 0,5 m pro Fertigkeitspunkt erhöht. Der Basisschaden des Feuerfeldes wurde um 50%, erhöht.                           Die Dauer des Feldes wurde von 3 Sekunden auf % Sekunden erhöht. Die Energiekosten für Hellfire und Schwarm wurden um 50% reduziert.

Demonspine and Venomous Spirit schießen nun 4 Projektile. Ihr Basisschaden wurde auf der Grundlage der zusätzlichen Projektile angepasst, und er erhöht sich nun ebenfalls um 10% pro Fertigkeitspunkt.

Die Level Anforderung für Spectral Curse wurde von Level 30 auf Level 25 reduziert und im Fertigkeiten Baum um eine Reihe in die ursprüngliche Position verschoben.

Die Level Anforderung für Spectral Lash Mastery wurde von Level 25 auf Level 20 reduziert und im Fertigkeiten Baum um eine Reihe in die ursprüngliche Position verschoben.

Spectral Serpents ist nun mit Spectral Curse verbunden und hat die Fertigkeitsvoraussetzung von Spectral Lash Mastery auf Spektralen Fluch geändert.

Skullsplitter wird nun bei Kontakt mit gegnerischen Einheiten explodiert und der Schaden wird um 45% reduziert.

Die Basisreichweite von Firestorm wird von 10m auf 17m erhöht. Die Raketenausbreitung wird an die Veränderung angepasst.

Änderungen am Engineer:

Sword Retrofit kann jetzt gelernt werden ohne vorher Gun Retrofit lernen zu müssen.

Sword Retrofit und Gun Retrofit können jetzt mit Level 5 erlernt werden und haben Construct Drone als Vorraussetzung.

Medpak Retrofit wird unter Sword Retrofit verschoben, und es ist nun eine erforderlich um Gyroblade zu erlernen.

Medpak Retrofit und Shield Generator Retrofit sind nun in einer Fertigkeit verschmolzen ( Medpak Retrofit ) und erfordert zum erlernen Sword Retrofit .

Durch diese Änderungen können auch keinen Gegenstände mehr gefunden werden die den Affix für Shield Generator Retrofit enthalten, das selbe gilt auch für das Verbessern von Gegenständen im Augmentrex. Alte Gegenstände die diesen Affix Besitzen bleiben bestehen, haben aber keinen Effekt mehr.                                                                                                         Die Abklingzeit von Gyroblade wurde auf Stufe eins von 40 Sekunden auf 10 Sekunden reduziert, die Energiekosten wurden von 160 auf 50 reduziert.

Haste Bot und Nanobots können ohne Vorkenntnisse erlernt werden.

Rapid Fire kann jetzt gelernt werden ohne vorher Tactical Stance lernen zu müssen..

Der Tactical Mode kann unter der Wirkung von Rapid Fire nicht mehr verwendet werden.

Die Abklingzeit des Tactical Mode wird von 40 Sekunden auf 20 Sekunden reduziert.

Die Gegenstände auf Drohne sollten nun korrekt funktionieren, des weiteren sollten die Gegenstände auf der Drohnen auch nicht mehr bei einem Stationswechsel verschwinden, selbst wenn die Drohne nicht die nötigen Anforderung hierfür erfüllt.


Patch 1.2.2a Notes

New Quest:


We are pleased to announce we have succeeded in adding the first completely new quest to the game, including custom dialogue, custom quest tasks and objectives, and a completely new item as a reward. This is a major accomplishment for the 2038 team, and lays the groundwork for many future content additions.

Players will notice a new member of the crew in Charing Cross Station, Techsmith 42. He is reporting to Charing Cross with an exhilarating technological possibility, but needs a bit of help. The jovial 42 requires some special extractions from highly dangerous monsters in locations around Charing Cross–rumor has it the floating scrotums known as Sinns may be involved.

Players will need to have completed the existing quest “That’ll Get Infected” before Techsmith 42 will deem you worthy to offer the new quest (if you have already completed this quest, Techsmith 42 will offer it immediately).

WARNING: Sinns are very powerful demons for their level, ones that are meant to be a challenge. HCE players are strongly advised to engage them with extreme caution or avoid them until later in the game, or risk permanent death. We won’t be doing any favors for HCE characters that get themselves fried doing this quest! You have been warned!

As always, please provide bug reports for the new quest here

The London 2038 team will continue to address bugs on the road to beta, but we hope this new quest and its highly valuable reward will show the possibilities of the project and enhance the joy that alpha testers derive from our server.

Beta Roadmap

We are pleased to present the roadmap to the imminent Beta. This roadmap draws from insights you provided in the survey, the results of which you can see here.

Critical bugs

Bugs that have been reported as hindrances on the way to a stable Beta include the following:

  1. Disappearing mods from weapons stored in the shared stash.
  2. Items disappearing from the Consignment House and mail system.
  3. Mod feeds increasing once inserted into weapons.
  4. Drone issues; the need to re-equip gear, skills/bonuses that do not apply, etc.

Other bugs do persist, as well as balance/design concerns. While those will also be addressed in due time, the listed bugs will have to be addressed before the transition to Beta.

Possible additions

Bugs will remain our first priority, but additions that may need to be tested before a full transition to Beta may occur. At the moment those mostly include QoL features, but may come to include features/assets of other types as well.

Beta wipe

A wipe will occur when the aforementioned critical bugs are addressed and Alpha is completed. At the moment this is the only wipe that is planned to occur, and further wipes will be avoided unless they are absolutely unavoidable or necessary to progress.


Once Beta has started, we will begin accepting donations for server costs. The exact means by which you will be able to donate, if you so wish, will be announced in due time.

Note: In the survey and elsewhere, many of you asked if there would be a cosmetic cash shop or similar platforms, or even suggested that there could be one. As appreciated as this was, let us once again assure you that there will never be any such transactions; London 2038 will never charge you for anything, and will never have potential donations resemble transactions in any way.

Future development direction

The survey let us know that the most popular preference (36%) in regards to future content is “encounters, boss fights, and maps”. Other options were also very popular, but this one is also arguably the most technically challenging one.

So while we will strive to provide changes, tweaks, and additions of all kinds, this will become our first priority from Beta onwards; we will direct our development efforts towards creating additional content, primarily in the form of maps and bosses.

We hope this roadmap pleases you as much as it pleases us, and that the eventual results of this journey live up to your invaluable, continued patience and support.


Beta Survey Results

The team at London 2038 appreciates the responses given to the recent survey.

See below for a simplified synopsis of the results; we believe that publicizing them should provide valuable community insight, as well as highlight how the project will progress based on your feedback.

Current/ongoing issues that may prevent moving to Beta.

  • 83% say there are no significant bugs that would prevent the transition
  • 17% say there are.

The most common bugs in response to this question were:

  1. Disappearing mods from weapons stored in the shared stash. 
  2. Items disappearing from the Consignment House and mail system. 
  3. Mod feeds increasing once inserted into weapons. 
  4. Drone issues; the need to re-equip gear, skills/bonuses that do not apply, etc. 
  5. Summoner skills’ cooldowns and power costs misbehaving.

Wipe preference

  • 55% say they would prefer a wipe before Beta
  • 21% say they would prefer one during or after Beta
  • 24% say they would rather not see a wipe at all.

The first 2 groups argue the following in favor of wipes:

  • They refresh the game and increase player retention.
  • They provide an equal playing field, where changes affect everyone equally.
  • They assist with tracking new/early-game bugs, as players play through the game again.
  • They are inconsequential as the game is not competitive.

The group that is against wipes argues the following:

  • Loss of progress can be demotivating.
  • Unless major changes demand it there should not be a need for one.

Priority of future content types

Player preference in this section was quite varied, but a majority also elaborated on their answer.

Note #1: The “encounters/boss fights” and “maps” answers are merged here, both for the sake of convenience and because the two seem to overlap for most players.
Note #2: The “other” category has varied somewhat, but most answers fall in line with existing answers; those have also been merged or simplified.

  • 36% say they would like to see encounters, boss fights, and maps.
  • 18% say they would like to see rebalanced classes, class additions, or new classes.
  • 18% say they would like UI/QoL features.
  • 15% say they would like to see new systems, such as the Messenger or crafting systems.
  • 7% say they would like to see new or Set items.
  • 6% responded “other”, mainly with variations on the available answers.

Potential future donations

  • 84% say they would donate
  • 16% say they would not.
  • The first group says they would donate amounts that are reasonable, in line with donations to other current games, and sufficient to cover server costs.
  • Many also suggested recurring donations through such platforms as Patreon.

Note: Many of the first group asked if there would be a cosmetic cash shop or similar platforms, or even suggested that there could be one. As appreciated as this was, let us once again assure you that there will never be any such transactions; London 2038 will never charge you for anything, and will never have potential donations resemble transactions in any way.


Patch 1.2.0a Notes


  • For the first time, Hellgate London now has a DPS tracker. You can find it on the bottom right of your UI, under the power globe. It is an average of the last 3 seconds of DPS, updating every 1 second.
    • Post your DPS on the forums!
    • This is a brand new feature and is still definitely in alpha, so please make useful bug reports if you notice any oddities.
  • Server-side changes to allow better monitoring and logging have been implemented and should have no impact on tester experience.


  • Moloch and Talox both now have a 5% chance to drop one from any of the three retrainers (skill, stat, expertise).
  • Talox now has a 45% chance to drop one abyss weapon. The weapon can be in legendary, unique, or mythic quality.
  • Talox now has a 0.5% chance to drop one of the four common decorative pets (Manta, Manta FSS, Cocomoko, Cocomoko Korea).
  • Fulcrum, Squadro, and Dreadnaught now have a 7.5% chance to drop unique Abyss armor.
  • Fulcrum, Squadro, and Dreadnaught now have a 50% chance to drop Abyss armor (for any class) in legendary, double edged, or mythic quality.

32 Bit Support

  • As of patch 1.2.0a, London 2038 officially supports 32 bit Windows. Follow the install instructions as normal and you will be able to play.

Upcoming Planned Changes

As we move forward in the Open Alpha and come closer to a stable Beta game, we will continue to experiment with adjustments in drop rates and other mechanics. We are planning to apply an experimental patch in the future which modifies the drop rates for some items which have been seen as a bottleneck to gameplay. These changes are not final and may be tweaked at any time. Special thanks to Kikina for feedback and help with these changes.

These proposed changes do not mean we have completed bug fixing and stability work–far from it. We are continuing with our #1 priority of bug fixing and stability to allow the project to grow and flourish. Please see below for our planned adjustments. No set date exists for the release of this patch, there will be an announcement when it is ready.

Moloch Drop Changes:

  • Attribute Retrainer increased to 5% drop rate, up from less than 1%
  • Skill Retrainer increased to 5% drop rate, up from less than 1%

Talox Drop Changes:

  • All dye kits increased to 5% drop rate, up from 3%
  • Expertise Retrainer increased to 5% drop rate, up from less than 1%
  • Talox will have a new chance to drop a Skill Retrainer, at 5% drop rate
  • Talox will have a new chance to special Unique Abyss Weapons at a 10% drop rate and no class restrictions. (Gleamcarver, Dissector, Dissector shield, F-S Force Magnum, XM 909, Thumper, Bloodshards, and Glyphshards)
  • One of the 3 common rings will be guaranteed to drop per kill
  • Boss rings increased to 5% chance to drop.

Fulcrum, Squadro, Dreadnaught Changes:

  • Abyss Unique Armor Set Pieces increased to 10% drop rate, up from 4%, and are class restricted