Patch 1.3.1a Notes

Patch Summary

This patch introduces a number of fixes, class balance changes, and new content. In an attempt to further master the control of the game, we have decided to introduce some new weapons and bosses to the game. There are a variety of great new items available to drop from the Desiccator, and a collection of new bosses to face in the Westminster Catacombs. We are very pleased with these results, and are looking forward to introducing new content more in the future.

We are also introducing some changes that reduce the current damage capabilities of Summoners, because it has become clear in the data and research that the last patch over-buffed Summoners. We feel that the class is now in a good place, please continue to test and provide feedback. Additionally, Blademasters have undergone a significant revamp which should encourage more build variety and class cooperation.

In this patch, due to the number of skill and build changes, we have decided to distribute a skill retrainer to every existing character. New characters created after the patch will not receive this item. In addition to the skill retrainer, existing focuses that were changed in this patch have been retroactively modified. All new items that drop will automatically receive their adjusted values.


  • The Piecemaker should no longer break down other players items.
  • Summoned elementals should no longer die when they are too far away, or entering/exiting a Hellrift. Elementals should instead teleport to their owner.
  • Damage absorption value in Defense in the inventory will now show the correct percentage

Gameplay related changes

  • Reduced the prices of the attribute retrainer merchant by 90%. You can find Erich in Holborn station. 
  • The melee damage bonus given by the Strength stat increased to 2% from 1%.
  • Spray Shrapnel no longer pierces targets.
  • Sniper rifles can now pierce up to 5 targets.
  • The damage values of Dreadnaught and all Abyss boss minions have been reduced.
  • Increased monster variety in Brompton Cemetery, and Westminster Catacombs.
  • Cave passageways are now larger, similar to the caves found in Stonehenge.
  • Invisible monsters and Fellbore Archfiends no longer spawn in Abyss hellrifts.
  • Coreslicers, Coreslashers, Coreshredders, Ripshards and unique versions have had their inherent critical chance reduced to 5% from 25%.
  • Coreslicers, Coreslashers, Coreshredders, Ripshards base damage increased to match other foci.
  • Glyphshards got their inherent critical chance increased to 7% from 0%, and their critical damage increased to 150% from 40%.
  • Base damage of all focus items increased by 50%.
  • Ripshards rate of fire increased to 80 from 20 (to prevent being stuck on base attack cooldown)
  • All Bloodshards now have an armor value.
  • Removed all power cost penalties from Feral armors.
  • The Cybernet armor set inherent bonuses have been modified (including unique versions) in the following ways:
    • Gloves and boots now have an inherent 1% critical chance
    • Torso and Legs now have an inherent 2% critical chance
    • Shoulders now have an inherent critical damage bonus (40-50%)
    • Belts now have an inherent amount of armor penetration (5-9%)
    • Movement speed penalties are removed from all pieces.

Westminster Catacombs Changes

  • The Catacombs Nether Ward bosses have been replaced with new, unique, and more challenging bosses. These bosses reuse existing assets but have had their behaviors and qualities replaced.  
  • Every level of the catacombs now has a unique boss per level (warning: some of these bosses are very challenging and HC characters should take care especially when solo).
  • There is a fixed chance for an Abyss weapon or armor to drop from the new bosses, excluding the unique versions. The drop chances for these are the following:
    • 15% drop chance from a boss found in level 1-5.
    • 30% drop chance from a boss found in level 6-10.
    • 45% drop chance from a boss found in level 11-15.


  • Decreased damage bonus of Sword of Justice from 40% bonus damage at level 1 to -83% damage at level 1.
  • Sword of Justice power cost increased by 50%.
  • The damage bonus of Charge increased to 120% from 50%. Cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds at level 1, decreasing by 10% every level.
  • Path of Righteousness’ cooldown reduced to 2.5 seconds.
  • Skill placement of Onslaught and Path of Righteousness has been swapped, now you may take PoR earlier.
  • Charge and PoR maximum level decreased to 5 from 10.
  • Crosscutter and Sword Typhoon now pierce all targets in their range.
  • Sword Typhoon’s cooldown decreased to 7.5 seconds from 15 seconds
  • Thorns can now be learned at level 10. Maximum level decreased to 5 from 10. Damage increased by 100%.
  • Crusader Wrath’s cooldown has been reduced to 60 seconds from 120 seconds.
  • The damage of Sword of Authority increased to 500% weapon damage from 200%. Cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds from 10 seconds.
  • Sweeping Strike’s cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds from 10 seconds.
  • Whirlwind’s velocity bonus increased to 100% from 50%.


  • The cooldown of Shield Throw reduced to 3 secs from 6 secs.
  • Shield Turn cooldown reduced to 3 sec from 8 sec.
  • Shield Charge cooldown at level 1 reduced to 8 sec from 15 sec.
  • Stampede cooldown reduced to 5 sec from 8 sec.
  • Shield Wall cooldown reduced to 30 sec from 45 sec.
  • Prayer of Retribution cooldown reduced to 5 sec from 10. Base damage increased by 200%.
  • Prayer of Smiting cooldown reduced to 5 sec from 15 sec.
  • Shared cooldown of Prayer of Retribution and Prayer of Smiting reduced to 2.5 sec from 5 sec.
  • Great Defender cooldown reduced to 60 sec from 180 sec.
  • Challenge cooldown reduced to 2.5 sec from 5 sec.
  • Denounce cooldown reduced to 2.5 sec from 5 sec.
  • Effectiveness of Aura of Renewal increased by 100%.
  • Effectiveness of Aura of Defense increased by 50%.


  • Duration of Multishot increased to 9 seconds from 6 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds from 30 seconds. Power cost reduced by 50%.
  • Removed boost group from Multishot.
  • Restricted the usage of Multishot while in Sniper mode.
  • Restricted the usage of Sniper while Multishot is active.


  • The Drone AI has been modified to react more quickly to its surrounding. Sight range is increased to 60m from 24m. Base movement speed increased.
  • Spider Mines HP increased by 300%, base armor increased.
  • Spider Mines now have 10% critical chance for 300% critical damage.


  • Reduced maximum level of all Summoner elemental skills to 5 from 10. Power cost of elementals increased by 200%.
  • Spectral Elemental now receives 75% increased damage per skill level, as a compensation for being alone.

Loot changes

  • Toned down the drop quality of Sydonai and the Hell minibosses.
  • Talox now has a 5% chance to drop a mythic abyss weapon, and will drop more randomly generated items. 
  • New unique items available to drop from Desiccator. See this video for detailed info about the new items
    • 5% chance for one of the following:
      • Tropical Storm
      • Ravager
      • F-S “Omerta” SNPR
      • Bloodletter
      • The Merkabah
      • Ironbound Valley
      • Harlequin Ablaze
  • Skill tokens now have a fixed drop chance from certain bosses. Loot tables separated by the level requirement of certain skills, which is the following:
    • Tier 1 skills:
      • Templar Restoration
      • Shield Throw
      • White-out Grenade
      • Spider Mines
      • Darkform
      • Arcane Resilience
    • Tier 2 skills:
      • Crusader Wrath
      • Prayer of Smiting
      • Camouflage
      • Drone Agressive Mode
      • Dark Lord
      • Summon Bone Wall
    • Tier 3 skills:
      • Balance of Power
      • Aura Stability
      • EMP Blast
      • Ghostly Strike
      • Dark Offering
      • Spectral Serpents
    • Drop chances:
      • Shulgoth (T1) 15%
      • Oculis the All-Seeing (T2) 25%
      • Beast of Abbadon (T2) 10%
      • Sydonai (T3) 15%

Patch 1.3.0a Notes

Patch Summary

This patch introduces a major bug fix for disappearing mods in items in the shared stash, which is one of the major items we wanted to fix before beta. Our list of bugs before beta grows shorter, and our ability to modify the game and respond to feedback has grown immensely. Also included are a variety of changes to skills, weapons, content, and loot. As this is still and alpha patch, please do expect these things to change over time, but we are excited to offer some changes that many in the community and on the 2038 team have been hoping for. Additionally, non-elite mode has been removed and non-elite characters have been migrated, in an effort to consolidate the playerbase and simplify the testing and coding process.

As with the previous rate of fire patch, please note most item changes are not retroactive. Existing copies of the items may not see the updates.

This patch is a major step towards the launch of beta, and you should expect to see continued efforts towards bugfixing and mastering the ability to create and modify content in the game going forward. As always, please test each new change thoroughly and report any bugs accordingly.


  • Mods in items in the shared stash will no longer disappear.
  • Any mods lost in the shared stash will be returned to the item they were in when lost.
    • If another mod was placed in the slot after the disappearance, the lost mods will appear in the player’s inventory on login
    • If the player’s inventory is full, the lost mods will appear on the ground on login
  • The algorithm for picking up and dismantling items with the Piecemaker has been majorly modified
    • Players should see a massive increase in speed and performance when using the Piecemaker, especially with large amounts of loot on the ground
    • Players will no longer be spammed with “no room in inventory” messages when auto-pickup is enabled

Game Mode Changes

  • Removed the ability to create non-elite characters
  • Existing non-elite (“normal”) characters have been migrated to Elite mode
  • HCE and Elite characters are unaffected

Summoner Changes

  • Elemental summon skills are now mass summon all available elementals.
    • Known bug: Summoners can summon up to maximum even if the player doesn’t have the required power. This will be fixed shortly
  • Dark Lord now has a 100% chance to trigger.
  • Dark Lord’s maximum level is now 7.
  • Dark Lord has a maximum number of 3 zombies spawned at level 1, and up to 9 at max level.
  • Meat Shield now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Enrage now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Hand of Nostrum now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Spellstorm now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Spectral Strike now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Carnagor’s taunt interval reduced to 1 sec from 4.
  • Carnagor’s taunt strength increased by 300%.
  • Carnagor’s taunt radius increased by 50%.
  • Carnagor’s size has been increased.
  • Elemental Nova’s damage reduced by 50%. The initial blast damage is reduced by 62.5%. Blast and field radius decreased to 12m from 15m.
  • Added the Evoker’s toxic tree to the Necromancy tab of the Summoner.
  • Word of fear has been moved above Darkform.
  • Blood Surge has been moved above Blink.

Guardian Changes

  • Taunt strength of Challenge and Denounce has been greatly increased.
  • The maximum level of Challenge, Denounce, Provoke, and Heavenly Condemnation has been reduced to 5.
  • Aura of Power is no longer required to take Aura Stability.
  • All bosses have had their immunity to Taunt removed, and should now be tauntable, with the following exceptions still being untauntable:
    • Wurm
    • Destructible Hellrifts
    • Talox

Misc Changes

  • Revenant pet’s fireball cooldown reduced to 1 sec
  • Nautilus’ healing interval has been reduced to 10 sec down from 20
  • The blueprint result of the Piecemaker quest should be untradeable from now on.
  • Parliament Square side areas should now have music.
  • Named monsters like Fat Bully spawn at 100% rate.
  • Desiccator spawn at 100% rate.
  • Hellrifts, Ancient Bloods and Elite Passageways are more densely populated with monsters.
  • Elite passageways have a greater chance to appear.
  • Known bug: Talox’s physical minions may appear as unique, although this has no impact on gameplay
  • Talox’s minions walk and run speed are consolidated.
  • Fulcrum’s totem names are correctly displayed.
  • Fixed the cooldown of Venom Armor on Fulcrum’s Venom Totem to trigger at a 2 sec rate, increased from 0.2 sec.
  • Hellgates found in Crown Office Row quest are now harder to destroy.
  • Known bug: Monster reflect affixes no longer work at the moment. 
  • The Big Gundown map no longer scales with player level (Press F to pay respects to HC chars who died there)

Westminster Catacombs Changes

  • Westminster Catacombs now has a greater general difficulty multiplier than before.
  • Monster level scaling relative to the player has been modified in Catacombs:
    •  +1 level until Level 5
    •  +3 levels until Level 10
    •  +5 levels until Level 15
  • All Abyss hellrift types can appear from Level 1-10
  • Only Spectral Hellrifts will appear from 11 onwards.
  • Brompton Cemetery has greater monster density. This map now spawns with a normal Hellrift 30% of the time.

Rate of Fire Changes

  • Peacemaker (all) ~60
  • Nova guns (all) ~30
  • Swarm Hives (all) ~37
  • Infernous ~60
  • Abbadon’s Hellstiker rate of fire increased to 300 from 120. Base damage decreased by 15%.
  • Charger rate of fire increased to 400 from 120. Base damage increased by 100%.
  • TRD’s rate of fire increase to 15 from 12. Base damage increased by 200%.

Weapon Changes

  • Changed the XM9X Thundergod’s proc skill to Electric Nova, reduced the proc chance to 12%-15%
  • Infernous now does 10 times more damage than before, has an inherent base critical chance of 5% and 150% critical damage. Minimum mod slots increased to 1 from 0. 
  • The Cleanser now does splash damage, and its damage has been increased.
  • The weapon Hellbore is now scale with content level, it’s field attack has been increased to 3.5m from 1.5m. Base weapon damage has been increased.
  • Vigilantes got their base damage increased.
  • Force Magnums now also have splash damage.
  • All variants of XM666 now deal splash damage and got their base damage increased.
  • All variants of XM666 now have an armor value.
  • All variants of Grizzly guns got their base damage increased by 100%, splash radius increased to 3.5m from 1.5m.
  • Plague Darters got their base damage increased, and now they all do splash damage.
  • All kind of Thorn Bolter’s damage increased by 100%.

Loot Changes

  • Sydonai and the 5 lies now have a special drop table added, and their drop rate has been increased significantly.
  • Sydonai’s first time drop has been added into his default drop pool.
  • Sydonai now has 5% to drop a Backpack, which is an untradeable, one of a kind container item (only one per player), with 36 slots, which can contain 1×1 items.
    • Currently consumables are not usable from the backpack, which will be fixed in the future.
  • Improved the overall quality of boss drops.
  • Pet drop chance from Talox increased to 5% from 0.5%
  • Abyss bosses now drop a greater number of general loot.
  • General recipes should produce rare or better quality items, up to and including Mythic, with appropriate rarities. This includes the Techsmiths at stations.
  • The monster level restriction of mid-high level unique weapons has been removed. (You may find Hu’s or Hikidas from lvl50+ monsters)
  • Beast of Abbadon, Bloodblade, The Brain, Wurm and 314 trio should now drop their previously first-drop items every time like it was a first kill.

Removal of Non-Elite Mode

In the next patch coming soon, the ability to create characters in non-Elite mode will be removed (sometimes called “Normal” mode, not to be confused with pre-Nightmare mode). This decision was reached due to the unfortunate side effect of the two-difficulty system further fragmenting the already modest player base of this private server. Elite was intended as an up-sell to entice players to purchase a subscription back in 2007, and the distinction no longer makes sense in our context. Going forward, every player will experience the equivalent of Elite mode, and the only trade/group restrictions will remain between Hardcore/Softcore and Nightmare/Normal (which is toggle-able).

Hardcore mode remains unchanged, although all Hardcore characters will techincally be Hardcore Elite. Existing non-Elite mode characters will be converted to Elite on their first login.

One note: Non-Elite characters should move all items out of shared stash, or risk losing access to them after the patch is applied. We converted non-Elite characters to Elite as a courtesy, as that functionality will not be necessary after the beginning of beta due to the beta wipe, so we won’t be providing support for lost items for non-Elite mode characters.

There will be detailed patch notes for the upcoming extensive patch, which will include major bug fixes as well as content changes. Stay tuned!

Patch 1.2.3a Notes

Patch Overview

The team at 2038 has decided to attempt a balance patch for the first time. The result of our research indicated that Summoners and various Rate of Fire levels across many guns needed the most immediate attention. Please read below to find out what has been changed. An important note–some item changes are not retroactive, so existing items may not receive the changes. New drops of those items should contain all the changes listed below. The summoner changes are retroactive, so all existing summoner characters will be modified.

Summoner changes

  • The Elemental summon cooldown has been reduced to 0.5 seconds.
  • The power cost of all Elementals has been drastically reduced.
  • Elemental Nova now has a maximum level of 5.
  • Elemental Nova’s cooldown has been reduced to 6.5 seconds at Lv1, and decreases by 20% per level.
  • Elemental Nova’s blast and field radius have been increased to 15m from 6m (Note: the skill still displays 6m, but the radius has indeed been updated).
  • The base HP of Elementals and Ember has been increased by 300%.
  • The base damage of Ember and Fire, Force, Storm, and Toxic Elementals has been increased by 300%. The Spectral Elemental’s base damage has been increased by 700%.
  • The base armor of Ember and Force Elementals has been increased by 300%.
  • Fire, Spectral, Storm, and Toxic Elementals received some base armor.
  • The base HP, armor, and damage of Shadow Minions has been increased by 300%, and they now have a critical chance of 10% for 250% critical damage.
  • The Carnagor’s base HP and damage have been increased by 100%.
  • The Carnagor’s base armor has been increased by 300%.
  • The Carnagor now has a critical chance of 25% for 300% critical damage.
  • The Witch Doctor’s base armor has been increased by 300%.
  • The Reaper’s base HP has been increased by 100%.
  • The Reaper’s base damage has been increased by 300%.
  • The Reaper’s base armor has been increased by 250%.
  • All Elementals, Demons and Shadow minions have had their movement speed drastically increased.
  • Fire, Spectral, Storm, and Toxic Elementals have had their size slightly increased.

Misc changes

  • Regular Cricket bats now drop.
  • All Peacemaker variants have had their damage converted from direct to splash (4m), and the R. J. Donald’s Diplomat Unique variant has also received additional field damage (4m).
  • All Jackhammer variants have had their base damage decreased by ~38%, to balance out the Rate of Fire increase.

Rate of Fire Changes

Templar guns

Grenade Launchers: 

  • Shockshell – Increased to 120 from 30
  • Shockbomber – Increased to 120 from 30
  • Shock Cannon – Increased to 120 from 30
  • Ashmore’s Reckoner (Unique) – Increased to 120 from 30
  • Northwynde’s Arcane Hammer (Unique) – Increased to 92 from 24

Firefield Casters: 

  • Firefield Caster – Increased to 60 from 30
  • Firefield Catapulter – Increased to 75 from 33
  • Firefield Launcher – Increased to 75 from 37
  • Fisher’s Fiery Cast (Unique) – Increased to 30 from 15


  • Redeemer – Increased to 150 from 50
  • Peacemaker – Increased to 150 from 50
  • Pacifier – Increased to 200 from 60
  • Blessed Revolver (Unique) – Increased to 150 from 50
  • R. J. Donald’s Diplomat (Unique) – Increased to 120 from 42
  • Mac Kenzie’s Peacemaker (Rare) – Increased to 150 from 40

Electric Nova guns:

  • Shockwave – Increased to 30 from 7
  • Stormwave – Increased to 30 from 7
  • Stormsurge – Increased to 30 from 7
  • Leota’s Circumference (Unique) – Increased to 60 from 7
  • Novastorm (Unique) – Increased to 60 from 7

Fire Nova guns:

  • Flamewave – Increased to 50 from 12
  • Fireflux – Increased to 50 from 12
  • Firesurge – Increased to 50 from 12
  • Hestia’s Vision (Unique) – Increased to 92 from 24
  • Infernal Halo (Rare) – Increased to 50 from 12

Toxic Nova guns:

  • Grimwave – Increased to 40 from 8
  • Grimflux – Increased to 40 from 8
  • Plauge’s Halo (Unique) – Increased to 60 from 8

Spectral Nova guns:

  • Parawave – Increased to 20 from 6
  • Paraflux – Increased to 20 from 6
  • Starburst – Increased to 60 from 30
  • Trakt’s Illumination (Unique) – Increased to 50 from 10

Physical Nova guns:

  • Slammer – Increased to 46 from 10
  • Crasher – Increased to 46 from 10
  • Yahtel’s Fist (Unique) – Increased to 60 from 10


  • Afflictor – Increased to 150 from 50
  • Plague Spreader – Increased to 200 from 60
  • Misery’s Gift (Unique) – Increased to 150 from 50
  • Foulrot (Unique) – Increased to 120 from 40
  • Pepys’ Darts (Unique) – Increased to 92 from 30

Hunter guns


  • XMS5 Jackhammer – Increased to 92 from 37
  • XMS10 Jackhammer -Increased to  92 from 37
  • Aden’s Avenger (Unique) – Increased to 92 from 37
  • Gau’s Equalizer (Unique) – Increased to 92 from 30


  • XM171 Thermo Cannon – Increased to 60 from 24
  • Bunkport’s Tsunami (Unique) – Increased to 60 from 18
  • Tyler’s Pistol (Unique) – Increased to 60 from 24


  • Grenade Launcher – Increased to 75 from 30
  • Arclight RDX Grenade Launcher – Increased to 75 from 30
  • Arclight Cannonade – Increased to 75 from 30
  • Fusilier’s Friend (Unique) – Increased to 75 from 30
  • Derek’s Divine Equalizer (Unique) – Increased to 75 from 20
  • Bouncing Betty (Unique) – Increased to 75 from 30
  • Lowber’s Lucky Lobber (Unique) – Increased to 75 from 30

Chrome Bolters:

  • XM41 Bolter – Increased to 240 from 85
  • XM41 Thermal Bolter – Increased to 240 from 85
  • XM42 Convection Bolter – Increased to 300 from 100
  • XM43 Chrome Bolter – Increased to 300 from 120
  • Vulcan Bolter (Unique) – Increased to 200 from 50
  • Illiaster’s Majestic Sun (Unique) – Increased to 200 from 40
  • Mac Kenzie’s XM41 Bolter (Rare) – Increased to 300 from 100
  • Techsmith’s Phlogiston Emitter (Legendary) – Increased to 240 from 85
  • Max’s Molten Metal Projector (Unique) – Increased to 240 from 60
  • Jin’s Chromium Dragon (Unique) – Increased to 300 from 120

Surge Cannons:

  • Nanodyne Surge Cannon – Increased to 150 from 85
  • Jetram Shockgun (Unique) – Increased to 150 from 75
  • Thor’s Hammer (Unique) – Increased to 150 from 40

F-S Rail Pistols:

  • F-S Rail Pistol – Increased to 120 from 30
  • Reaper’s Hell Rail (Legendary) – Increased to 120 from 30
  • Nanto’s Third Rail (Unique) – Increased to 120 from 30


  • XM909 Thunderclash – Increased to 400 from 171
  • XM9X Thundergod (Unique) – Increased to 400 from 171

Combustion guns:

  • Arclight Combustion Gun – Increased to 60 from 30
  • Arclight Explosive Cannon – Increased to 60 from 30
  • The Breath of Shulgoth (Legendary) – Increased to 60 from 22
  • Amir’s Arclight Thunder (Unique) – Increased to 60 from 35
  • Ether’s Fusillade (Unique) – Increased to 60 from 33

Cabalist guns


  • Ethereal Spiker – Increased to 300 from 100
  • Celestial Spiker – Increased to 300 from 120
  • Lord of the Night (Unique) – Increased to 300 from 100
  • Alucard’s Continuum (Unique) – Increased to 300 from 60


  • Baneblaster – Increased to 600 from 300
  • Contagion Delivery Device (Unique) – Increased to 600 from 240
  • Deshpande’s Diseased Devotion (Unique) – Increased to 600 from 240

Hive Crystals:

  • Hive Crystal – Increased to 120 from 40
  • Hive Shard – Increased to 120 from 40

Chaos Pistols:

  • Chaos Pistol – Increased to 120 from 37


  • Boneshredder – Increased to 120 from 42


  • Pyrocaster – Increased to 60 from 27
  • Pyrosmasher – Increased to 60 from 33

Tempest Rifles:

  • Tempest Rifle – Increased to 120 from 42
  • Typhoon Rifle – Increased to 120 from 42
  • Shulgoth’s Infernal Storm (Legendary) – Increased to 120 from 33


Patch 1.2.1a Notes


  • Players will no longer experience “flickering” or “disappearing” graphics issues. This problem seemed to primarily affect Templar classes, but should no longer occur at all.


  • Multiple issues causing item disappearance have been addressed.
    • Items may still disappear. If they do, please make detailed bug reports.
  • An issue causing characters to become unplayable after item errors has been addressed
  • A way to possibly recover previously disappeared items has been added. **Note that this is not guaranteed to return all items a player has lost, and was added as a convenience for Alpha testers.** Please see the instructions below:


Item Recovery: 

The following is an item recovery process that testers can attempt:

1. Log into the game.

The game will attempt to “return” some lost items to the player, one item per log in. Depending on the available space the player has in their inventory when they log in, one of two cases will occur next:


    2a. If the player DOES have enough room in their character inventory for an item to return, the first item in the queue will be automatically placed in the player’s inventory.


    2b. If the player DOES NOT have enough room, the first item in the queue will be dropped on the ground, and the player will be notified through a popup text that this has happened.

NOTE: An item that has been dropped on the ground in this manner cannot be picked up by other players.
However, those items are NOT bound to the player as long as they’re not picked up; please pick these items up as soon as possible because they will be GONE permanently on a server restart.

3. Log out of the game and log back in.

Regardless of where the previous item is, the next item will attempt to return to the player.
Depending on the available space the player has when they log back in, either 2a or 2b will occur again.

Repeat this step until no more items appear on the ground or return to your inventory.

4. All done!

Once all items that have been lost during Alpha are recovered in this manner, this process should stop.

As soon as items stop disappearing altogether, this process should stop occuring entirely.
In the meantime, we hope this provides a solution towards recovering lost items.

Patch 1.1.1a Notes


  • An issue causing players to be stuck on an Abyss boss and be unable to leave Parliament Square has been addressed.
    • Players who were experiencing this issue should abandon the Abyss quest when they log in, and should be able to play normally after that.


  • Stat calculation has been brought in line with the true MP2.0 data. Previously many stat calculations were incorrect due to a mistake in our code. This bug has been fixed, but may have increased feed costs on some items.
    • If you need to respec your stats, contact a GM (ask in game or on Discord), we will be distributing Attribute Retrainers individually after this change
    • This change may have also inadvertently fixed/affected skill effects
  • Server logging has been improved to allow developers to pinpoint issues more easily. This should have no affect on players, but keep your eyes peeled for any latency/lag spikes.
  • The “chat” chat channel will no longer continue to increase, and should stay at “chat-1”. To use this chat channel, type “/chat hello this is my message etc”
  • The “newbie” chat channel has been removed
  • A Consignment House terminal has been added to Charing Cross Station
  • An issue affecting the dropping of unique quality items has been fixed

Patch 1.1.0a Notes


  • Lag and latency issues across the board have been eliminated or drastically reduced. Players should see reduced average pings as well as no lag spikes during high population
  • Players will now see other players in full resolution textures while in station. Show off your 1337 gear!
  • A certain merchant in Charing Cross Station is very excited about open alpha, and seems to be… aroused by our progress. Make sure you have sound on to hear her enthusiasm.
  • Links in the client login screen to create account, get help, etc now direct to Thanks Crash195x2!

Fawkes Day Event

  • The Fawkes Day event quest should be available at Nemo in Templar Base and Holborn. Please don’t ask us what to do, figure it out! If you find yourself unable to complete it, let us know.
  • We’re proud to invite all classes to now participate in the Marksman sports of hurling grenades during the Fawkes Day celebration–see any merchant for details
  • The 2038 team would like to extend our gratitude to Kikina for assistance in shaking the bugs out of the Fawkes Day Event. Thanks Kikina!

Patch 1.0.3a Notes


  • Talking to an NPC besides Titus after completing the Abyss quest (killing the Abyss boss) will no longer incorrectly finish the quest.


  • Mods now have stat feed costs. Existing mods have had their costs retroactively applied which means certain items you may have equipped before the patch may have feed costs higher than you can afford. Therefore, we will be distributing free Attribute Retrainers for affected testers.
    • NOTE: There is a visual glitch the first time you log in with a character who has feed costs higher than they can afford equipped! All items will have the red stop sign icon on them, until you unequip the item which has the feed cost which you can’t afford. This is purely visual! Please do not file a bug report!

Patch 1.0.2a Notes


  • Lag caused by certain combinations of monsters commonly found in the Abyss “house” maps has been drastically reduced or removed.


  • Players will no longer crash when fighting Moloch with AoE spells (Hellfire, Swarm, etc). Additionally, Evoker and Engineers will see a reduction in crashes in all areas of the game.


  • Affixes will no longer incorrectly appear twice with identical values (critical chance, minion health, etc). The same affix may still appear twice on one item with different values, this is correct behavior and those values do stack.


  • The Drone retrofit skill line as well as “+/- minion stat armor” will now correctly affect the Drone. Note: you will now need to re-summon the Drone after assigning points into the Retrofit skills or equipping +/- minion stat armor
    • An issue remains related to Drone stat feeds, requiring the Engineer to sometimes unequip and re-equip gear on the drone after leaving a station.

Patch 1.0.1a Notes


  • You may now correctly completely abandon the Abyss quest through the quest management window.  Abandoning the Abyss quest will reset the portal count for any and all portals you have closed, and therefore de-spawn the boss if you have spawned the boss already. Starting the quest again will allow you to continue with a different rift type without needing to kill any bosses you spawned before abandoning the quest.


  • Inspecting a player who leaves the station will no longer crash the inspector’s client.
  • Screenshots taken using the /screenshot command will now save as JPG instead of BMP files.
  • An issue disconnecting players and subsequently locking them out of their characters has been resolved.
  • The Stat Respec Vendor in Holborn Station will now display correct prices per stat point.
  • Players in all regions will now have London 2038 as the default login server