Hotfix Patch 1.5.10b Notes

  • The issue with disappearing fragments has been fixed, and all fragments affected should automatically return to their prior locations.
    • In cases where the fragments’ prior locations clashed with new items placed there since, our automatic item recovery process should take effect and return them to you stack by stack.
      • If neither has applied to yours, please file a report about the issue.
  • Catharina’s daily quests have been fixed, and will now properly complete upon choosing one reward item.
  • The KungFu Bunny dye kit will now be tradeable as intended.
    • Note, this change is not retroactive.
  • The Parliament Square daily quests are no longer Collect-type quests (ie requiring collecting an item from their targets), and have now become Hunt-type quests instead (ie requiring killing their targets).
    • Their dialogues have been modified to reflect this change.
  • Nemo’s new event quest, “The Chicken and the Eggs”, will now be completed in Holborn Station instead of Templar Base.
    • This should simplify this quest further and prevent issues with early availability.
  •  Techsmith 314’s new quest, “Debt”, has had its text slightly modified for clarity.
    • This should also prevent confusion in cases when old players pick it up outside of Green Park Station.

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