Hotfix Patch 1.5.6b Notes


  • The drop rates of the Explorer’s dungeon have been fixed, and items may now drop normally at rates depending on their grade.
    • These items do not belong to defined treasure tables, so Luck affects drop rates in this dungeon.
    • Zart’s Considered Opinion has been properly disabled from the global loot table, and may now only drop in this dungeon.
    • The loot table of T-3000 has been enhanced to include nanoshards and be more comparable to that of regular bosses.
  • Hell’s Cook, Hell’s Packer, Reanimator Alpha, and T-3000 now don’t award exp when killed as intended.
    • Their qualities have been reverted from Unique to common for this to happen, so their names will now be written in white. Their treasure is still enriched Champion-grade loot as it was before.
  • The stats of all named enemies in the Explorer’s dungeon have been adjusted to compensate for their loss of quality and to address their encounter difficulty. Namely:
    • Hell’s Packer, Reanimator Alpha, and T-3000 had their hp slightly increased.
    • Hell’s Cook had its hp slightly reduced. Its interrupt defense was removed to make handling its self-destruction easier.
  • The visual glitch of slower swords with inherent +Group Attack damage duplicating rolled +Swordsmanship damage affixes has been fixed.
  • Broker’s “Exinde” quest now requires a Mind Cradle instead of a Shiny.
    • This has been done to prevent a completion bug that occurred between this quest and Miner’s “Mausoleum of the Emperor” quest that follows, which required the same item.


Misc changes

  • The Librarian’s “The Forgotten Trek” quest text has been updated to provide more specific directions to Oxford Circus Station.
  • The treasure of Quavontavius has been changed from that of Wurm’s, and will now be identical to Sydonai’s.
  • The global drop rates of Puppet Masters and the Unique “The Master’s Hand” variant have been slightly increased.
  • The exp awarded by mummies in Dawn of the Dead has been reduced to 1/4th of its previous value. 
    • This change is in line with consistent player feedback, and intends to make the dungeon more appealing for its endgame drops than for rank exp. 
  • An old buff to generic Champion and boss treasures has been reverted. 
    • This change intends to make Legendary-grade items drop slightly less often across the game, while allowing Luck to affect them more linearly and predictably. 
    • This change does not apply to the Explorer’s dungeon, as the enemies there have enriched (ie non-generic) loot tables.
  • The Explorer’s dungeon’s drops and all other new items have been added to the wiki.
    • For your convenience, the 1.5.5b patch notes now include direct links to each Explorer’s item’s wiki page. 



  • The Explorer’s dungeon deliberately awards no exp. This is to allow players to farm for their item levels of choice, without outleveling them as they do.
    • Hell’s Cook “disappearing” is also intentional. This is the base mob type’s normal behavior, and it occurs when it charges on nearby enemies and self-destructs. The quest text mentions this and suggests solutions. 
  • Tutorial questline disruptions some old characters may still be experiencing are typically due to Broker quest completion status. To address them, please visit the Baker in Holborn Station (even if you have done so before), and follow the questline across stations to find any available quests you may be missing. You will need to complete the entire questline, along with Broker’s quests, to gain access to Miner’s final quests in Liverpool Street Station.
    • You may find more detailed instructions in this Discord announcement.
    • Please remember to update your game clients through the launcher. Missing quest rewards and other issues may arise due to outdated clients.
    • If you have picked up any quest before and are now offered wrong/missing rewards, please reroll the quest (by clicking on your zmail icon while in the quest window) for it to refresh.
    • Players who have completed the questline on both difficulties before the last hotfix and have lost Retrainers as a result will be receiving new Retrainers. We cannot automate this process so our GMs will have to do so manually – there will be a Discord announcement on this shortly.