Hotfix Patch 1.5.4.b Notes

Bug fixes:

  • Itemized blueprints (aka “single-use recipes”) have been changed to only produce mods, which should prevent them from appearing bugged. The issue occurred because we’ve changed the crafting results of station crafters to be always usable by the player in the previous patch.
  • The cube recipe which produced a two-handed gun for your class out of three two-handed guns failed on Templars, because they don’t have such an item. The recipe will produce a one-handed gun in this case for Templars from now on.
  • The recipe which produced a focus item out of three foci occasionally resulted in a focus item type that doesn’t have a Legendary, Double-Edged, or Mythic quality level, turning the resulting item normal quality. To prevent this, we’ve excluded these item types from the result.
    • To be specific, these focus item types are Coreslicers, Coreslashers, and Riving Radiants. 
      • The reason for this grade discrepancy is that Coreslicers and Coreslashers were the non-Abyss counterparts to Ripshards, and Riving Radiants were the non-Abyss counterparts to Bloodshards. Flagship had these “lower” types restricted to Rare and lower grades, while the “higher” variants were restricted to Legendary and above.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Korosukuma’s Claw to spawn a lot less than its intended drop rate.

Quest related changes:

  • Repeatable Wanted quest chains around London must now be completed in order within the repeat interval (= one hour). 
    • To clarify; the first repeatable quests in quest chains start a 1-hour (in-game) timer on initiation. Any following quests on the same chain require that you have completed their prerequisites and must be initiated within this hour, otherwise the chain resets. Once you’ve successfully started the final (3rd) quest within the timeframe, the chain “reset” will not impede your ability to complete this quest.
  • 5 Analyzers were added to the rewards of 1st-step repeatable quests in quest chains.
  • 2 adrenaline pills were added to the rewards of 2nd-step repeatable quests in quest chains.
    • These new rewards are in addition to the existing Nanoshard rewards.
  • The item level of legendary mods rewarded in every 3rd-step repeatable quest in quest chains got increased to 55, making them suitable for the item level 58 legendary weapons rewarded for completing the Parliament Square daily quest.