Patch 1.5.2b – Welcome to Beta

WELCOME TO BETA! There was a full character wipe, in addition to the changes below



General changes:

  • Unique retrainers have been removed from vendors.
  • Maximum characters per account has been reduced to 12.

Bug fixes:

  • Repeatable quests should now persist on relog.
  • Adjusted the name label of Consignment House for better visibility.
  • XM17 Stingray and XM18 Deathray are now properly counted as sniper rifles, and can be used with Sniper mode.

Item changes:

  • Changed the flavor text of the following Dye Kits: Pulsating Chronometer, Feasibility Modulator, Probability Modulator.

Skill changes:

  • Changed the damage calculation of Demonspine, Flameshards and Venomous Spirit from 10% weapon damage per skill level to 10% skill damage per skill level. With this change the skills’ initial damage remained about the same, but will result in roughly 90% more damage at max level, making these skills deal around equal DPS to maxed Spectral Bolts.

Monster changes:

  • The damage of the Bug Hive skill cast by Infested, Swarming and Hivehost champion monsters was reduced by 33%, and can now proc every 5 seconds, down from 2 seconds.
  • The SFX fields on death of rare monsters have had their SFX attack strength lowered by 50%.
  • The damage scaling of thorns affixes on monsters are reduced by 66% to prevent oneshots at high levels in certain circumstances.