Patch 1.5.2b – Welcome to Beta

WELCOME TO BETA! There was a full character wipe, in addition to the changes below



General changes:

  • Unique retrainers have been removed from vendors.
  • Maximum characters per account has been reduced to 12.

Bug fixes:

  • Repeatable quests should now persist on relog.
  • Adjusted the name label of Consignment House for better visibility.
  • XM17 Stingray and XM18 Deathray are now properly counted as sniper rifles, and can be used with Sniper mode.

Item changes:

  • Changed the flavor text of the following Dye Kits: Pulsating Chronometer, Feasibility Modulator, Probability Modulator.

Skill changes:

  • Changed the damage calculation of Demonspine, Flameshards and Venomous Spirit from 10% weapon damage per skill level to 10% skill damage per skill level. With this change the skills’ initial damage remained about the same, but will result in roughly 90% more damage at max level, making these skills deal around equal DPS to maxed Spectral Bolts.

Monster changes:

  • The damage of the Bug Hive skill cast by Infested, Swarming and Hivehost champion monsters was reduced by 33%, and can now proc every 5 seconds, down from 2 seconds.
  • The SFX fields on death of rare monsters have had their SFX attack strength lowered by 50%.
  • The damage scaling of thorns affixes on monsters are reduced by 66% to prevent oneshots at high levels in certain circumstances.

Hotfix Patch 1.5.1b Notes

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue which caused some missiles to deal damage multiple times to the same target under the effect of Ravager Rounds.
  • Fixed a display bug which caused “Power of Shock Effect” and “Damage of Poison Effect” properties to show up on items with added electric or toxic damage.
  • Fixed a display bug that made critical damage bonus not show up on weapon inspection screens for weapons with 0% inherent critical chance.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the name modification of Rattler by augmenting it.

Item changes:

  • Melee attack speed bonus on Heroic Dye Kit got lowered to 6% from 12%.
  • Damage distribution on Bloodletter got lowered to 50% direct and 50% DoT from 100% direct and 100% DoT.
  • The base attack speed of Blade of Chaos got lowered to fast from very fast, and its inherent phase attack strength got lowered by 70%.
  • Concussion Rounds on Mastodon unique F-S Force Magnum variant got replaced by Concussive Crash.
  • Added these properties on Rattler:
    • Increased damage of Combat skills by 12-15%
    • Duration of Boost skills 10-13%

Expertise changes:

  • Enhanced Melee Speed expertise got its melee speed bonus reduced to 2/4/6/8 from 4/8/12/16.

Skill changes:

  • Fixed the description of Hellfire incorrectly stating a 10% radius increase per level.
  • The Guardian version of Sword of Justice and Sweeping Strike are now correctly affected by +1 Guardian Skills items.
  • Camouflage has been added to the boost group.
  • Changed the bonus of Crusader Wrath and Anchor to Increased Damage from Skill Damage, which will drastically reduce the performance of Sword of Justice under the effect of these skills, but will be much less impactful on other skills and gun damage.

Level changes:

  • Monster density in Ancient Blood levels got moderately increased, based on your feedback.
  • Monster density in Church Yard, and the park variants of Devonshire Square, Houndsditch, Bishopsgate, Primrose, and Shoreditch got increased as well.

Patch 1.5.0b Notes – Last Patch Before Beta (…Besides the Hotfix)

Patch summary

This patch introduces a number of fixes, class balance changes, quest changes, Quality of Life additions, new items, and new content. Being the largest patch in terms of changes and additions to date, patch 1.5.0b is our most ambitious and experimental patch yet. It also intends to pave the road towards the much-anticipated Beta phase, so your feedback will be invaluable.

As with previous patches, please note that most item changes are not retroactive. Existing copies of items that saw changes may not be updated.

With the scope of this patch in mind, let us note that we’re fully aware some of the changes will be unpleasant or otherwise objectionable for some players. In an effort to explain our choices, let us note that the vast majority of changes this patch brings intend to follow your feedback to our recent survey, which can be found here.

To be specific, our goals are the following:

  • Increased overall difficulty and a gradual shift towards MP, in accord with 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6.
  • A rebalance between SP and MP which remains closer to an ARPG landscape than an MMO one, in accord with 1.7 and 1.8.
  • A stricter focus on class performance based on roles and skillsets, in accord with 1.9.
  • A reduction of overall DPS values and maximum killspeeds, in accord with 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7.
  • A shift towards support and party assets, as well as an expansion of secondary systems such as skill groups, in accord with 3.1, 3.2, 3.6, and 3.7.
  • A reduction of the performance and maximum values of critical-based builds, in accord with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4.
  • A stricter focus on enemy challenge through special enemy properties, in accord with 2.4.

With the above in mind, kindly note the following as well:

  • The shift towards MP will not be absolute. Your feedback throughout the survey (1.7 and 1.8, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5, etc) made it clear that much content should remain solo-viable.
  • Critical builds will be reevaluated in time. Your feedback in 4.3 and 4.4 made it clear you wish to see their efficiency lowered, as it was, but CC/CCM/CDB affixes remain valuable customization options. As such, we expect and welcome future feedback on this subject.
  • The major boss that this patch introduces does not fit the favored boss type definition you provided in 2.3, but that is only due to the source material this boss pays homage to. This is not strictly indicative of our overall future direction. 

Finally, let us repeat that this patch is a major milestone and our intended foundation for Beta, so your feedback will be immensely useful as we finalize the game on the way to the final wipe. As always, you should expect to see our continued efforts across all facets of the game. Lastly, you’re kindly asked to test all new changes thoroughly, report potential bugs accordingly, and share your honest feedback on this new direction. 

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Hellrift in British Museum to occasionally not appear.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Gyroblade from working properly under the effect of Haste Bot.
  • Reduced the ignite damage taken by Catacombs bosses to a maximum of 2%, as they previously incorrectly took the default 5%.

General changes:

  • Reduced the Critical Damage Bonus of Accuracy to 0.5% per point from 2% per point.
  • Reverted the Strength damage bonus to 1% per point from 2% per point.
  • Side quests are auto-tracked on pickup.
  • Fear now also debuffs enemy armor by 10%.
  • The previously unusable space in non-elite Shared Stashes have been combined to increase the room available in the shared stash.
    • Note: players with items stuck in non-elite shared stash previously will be unable to recover those items. This will no longer be an issue after the transition to Beta due to the full wipe.
  • There is a new achievement for killing monsters with a Beetlebore (Cabalist only), which also comes with a new title.
  • Monsters under the effect of Brom’s Curse, Spectral Curse, and Word of Fear now have a small icon to indicate this displayed on their health bar.
  • Adjusted Jessica Sumerisle’s appearance to make her look healthier, and added an inspection text.
  • Added an untradeable unique retrainer of each type on every vendor which you can purchase for 1 Palladium, to aid in testing the class changes before Beta. This temporary feature will be removed with the Beta transition.

Quest related changes:

  • Quests that require multiple items to be collected now have a 100% chance to spawn those items.
  • Quests that require single quest items to be collected, and said items didn’t have a 100% chance to be found, now have a significantly increased quest item drop chance.
  • Exploration quests’ requirements have been reduced to a maximum of 70% exploration of the map.
  • The mod rewards of the quest ‘Lightweight’ got changed to onHit novas instead of onKill ones.
  • Side quests that rewarded you with stat points are now granting an additional one, for a total of 92 additional stat points.
  • The last quest of the Broker (Exinde) now awards you the Backpack. Removed the Backpack from Sydonai’s drop pool. This quest became completable once per character, instead of once per difficulty.
  • Rewards for the repeatable quest found in Charing Cross, Temple Station, Templar Base, Liverpool Street and St. Pauls have been modified to no longer reward you Shiny Crystals, but Nanoshards instead.

New quests

  • There is a new Wanted stand in Parliament Square which offers you 3 new quests and wants you to kill the bosses of Catacombs 5, 10 and 15. These quests reward you with an increased number of Shiny Crystals as you progress, and can be done once every day per character. 
  • Any repeatable quest that has a repeat interval (rate limit) of 1 day or more will reset at a fixed time, regardless of when it was started. As of this patch, this will be 00:00 UTC.
  • There are five additional NPC around Parliament Square now: Catharina, who will reward you for your efforts on daily hunts, and Tracy the Hunter, Ethan the Templar, and Techsmith 157, who will offer legendary items if you complete their daily missions. The fifth one is also lurking somewhere in the station.
  • While doing your repeatable quests you may encounter someone who will need your help….

Monster changes:

  • Champion monsters with field on death effects got their field damage and sfx attacks strength increased, including an 5% shield penetration.
  • Champion monsters with regenerating affixes are now constantly regenerating HP in addition to their self healing spell.
  • Champion monsters with increased HP or Shield are now getting a more noticeable amount of those.
  • Champion monsters that can trigger a Bug Hive on hit deal more damage with that skill.
  • Champion monsters with melee thorns have their thorns damage increased based on monster level.
  • Valafar’s AI and behaviour frequency were toned down.
  • Morax no longer fully heals himself upon digging up. Instead, he’s healed partially (33% of his max HP), and summons a group of Plated Carnagors with increased stats. Each of them cast a physical nova similar to Dreadnaught’s stage1 nova skill on first appearance.
  • Andras’ Hellfire skill was replaced with Physical Talox Lieutenant’s physical area of effect skill (Talox Meteor).
  • Fulcrum became immune to taunt again to prevent a bug with his Master Totem spawning.

Cube recipe changes:

  • The Shiny Crystal requirement for Enhanced Boss rings got reduced to 10 from 100.
  • The Shiny Crystal requirement for the random mythic weapon recipe got reduced to 30 from 100.
  • There is a new recipe for the Necromantic Talisman. This item can be acquired by crafting it in your cube, and it opens a portal to Dawn of the Dead level (explained below) on use. 

Content changes:

  • Monster density in Church Yard got reduced.
  • Monster density in Ancient Bloods got reduced.
  • The maximum length of Brompton Cemetery map got reduced. Monster and clutter (urns, coffins) density got reduced. Loading times and overall performance increased.
  • Monster density in all types of Hellrifts got reduced.
  • Loading times and overall performance has been improved in The Wild, The Foreboding Wild and The Deepest Wild by reducing these levels’ maximum size.
  • Middlesex Guildhall, East Treasury and Lower Parliament side areas got extended to 5 levels. Each of the side areas can only spawn a specific rift type, making it easier to target farm a specific Abyss boss. The additional levels got various themes from London areas.
  • Abyss rifts in Portcullis House were changed to regular rifts, and their spawn rate was reduced to 30%.
  • Removed the sublevel description from Parliament Square on its loading screen.
  • Building interior levels around Parliament Square got smaller, their monster density got reduced but their variety got increased.

Dawn of the Dead:

Added the Dawn of the Dead level to the game (a tribute to the “cow level”, Curse of Dawn). This level is accessible from Holborn Station after reaching level 50 by activating the Necromantic Talisman, which can be crafted in your cube, and grants access to this level for a limited period of time. The access granted by the talisman is only applied to the player that used the talisman, so all party members must use the Necromantic Talisman each to enter. After this time period expires you cannot re-enter the map if you leave it until you activate another Talisman. This level is designed for party play (3+ participants strongly recommended), and its difficulty is based on the assumption that everyone in your party is well geared from previous content tiers. Your efforts may be rewarded with various exciting items, outlined below.

Loot and Drop Rates

Dawn of the Dead features the undead couple, Imhotep and Ankhsunamun. Their loot and drop rates are as follows:


  • Standard boss loot table
  • Cursed wedding ring: 5% chance
    • The cursed Wedding Ring is a component of the recipe for the “Dark Master” ring, outlined in the “rings” section below. The blueprint for this ring drops from Imhotep.


  • Standard boss loot table
  • Faction-specific Mythic weapon: 10% chance
  • Faction-specific Mythic armor: 20% chance
  • New faction-specific Uniques: 10% chance
  • Unique dye kits: 15% chance
  • Dark Master blueprint: 5% chance
    • The Dark Master blueprint provides the crafting recipe for the “Dark Master” ring, outlined in the “rings” section below. The other material for this ring drops from Ankhsunamun.

The Unique dye kits are Scorched, Heroic, Jade, Wisp, Shadow, and Twilight. These previously cosmetic, Common dye kits have been reworked as Uniques that provide unique affixes, as outlined in the “dye kits” section below.

The new Uniques Imhotep may drop are the following:

    • H.A.R.P. rifle: Odin’s Legacy
      • Critical Chance +1-3%
      • Adds 15-30% spectral damage
      • Shield Penetration 15-25%
      • Increased use rate of Tactical skills 8-15%
      • Accuracy 15-25
      • Modified functionality: Only usable by Hunter faction, rate of fire 600/min, shoots Shock Rail Pistol bullets.
    • Masamune Nodachi: Blade of Chaos
      • Increased Damage 9-12%
      • Increased Spectral Damage 30-50%
      • Adds 1-3% Electric Damage
      • Critical Damage Multiplier 50-70%
      • Poison Attack Strength 190-220
      • Shield Overload 80%
      • Base Damage is modified to partial direct Spectral and Toxic damage.
      • Relic slot
    • Darkclaw: Mortal Domain
      • HELLFIRE 1-3
      • Increased damage of Evocation skills by 14-20%
      • Increased damage vs Demons 20-30%
      • Critical Damage Multiplier 37-50%
      • Increased use rate of Evocation skills by 10%
    • Quartermaster (Hunter) helmet: Visor of the Invader
      • +2 to Ballistics Skills
      • Increased Firing Speed 5-10%
      • Increased duration of Boost Skills by 10-15%
      • Shield Penetration 10%
      • Stamina +10-15
      • Increased Damage vs Demons 25-35%
    • Apprentice (Cabalist) helmet: Hexer’s Shroud
      • Shield Penetration 10%
      • Willpower +10-15
      • Minion Damage +40-60%
      • Duration of Curse Skills +100%
    • Defender (Templar) leg armor: Defender’s Chausses
      • GREAT DEFENDER 1-3
      • Total Armor Value increased by 5%
      • Increased use rate of Shield Skills by 25%
      • Hit Points +130-150
      • Hit Point Bonus 7-9%

Item changes:

  • Reduced the base damage on F-S Force Magnums (including their unique versions) by 50%, and adjusted their base damage distribution from 100% / 50% (direct / splash) to 70% / 30%.
  • Reduced the base splash radius on F-S Force Magnums (including their unique versions) to 0.5m from 2m (and from 3m on Ravager).
  • Increased the base critical chance of regular F-S Force Magnums and Mastodon to 1%.
  • Added a new property on Mastodon: CONCUSSION ROUNDS 1-3
  • Reduced the base damage of XM3 Eviscerators by 30% including their unique versions.
  • Reduced the splash radius of Vigilantes from 2m to 0.5m.
  • Reduced the base damage of Vigilantes by 37,5%.
  • Increased the base damage of the M51, XM55, XM57, XM63 and XM66 rifles by 20%.
  • Reduced the base damage of Coreslicers, Coreshredders, Coreslashers, Ripshards and Glyphshards by 8.7%, including their unique versions.
  • Reduced the base Critical Damage Bonus of Coreslicers, Coreshredders, Coreslashers and Ripshards to 80% from 250%, including their unique versions.
  • Reduced the base Critical Damage Bonus of Glyphshards to 40% from 150%, including their unique versions.
  • Increased the inherent splash radius bonus of Glyphshards, to 15% on MK2 (from 10%) and 20% on MK3 (from 10%) including their unique versions.
  • Minion Damage, Minion Armor, and minion Health can now appear on mods below mythic quality level. 
  • Minion Armor and Minion Health bonus range on mythic mod increased from 6-8 to 16-21.
  • Decreased the base damage of Infernous to better match Assassin Bug Hives. Base Damage Radius reduced to 2m from 4m. Added a 50% electric damage component.
  • Viral Lance weapons can now drop at all levels past lvl20. Their base damage is increased by 50%. Toxic attack strength increased by 100%, poison damage increased from 35% to 100% (to 150% on the unique version). Added a hidden, inherent Toxic Nova on hit (6-9%).
  • Trident Launchers can now drop on all levels. Base variants got their rate of fire increased to 80 from 40, and their damage was converted to splash. The Firefox unique variant has kept its original rate of fire but its damage increased by 100%. The Shiva’s Trishula unique variant has been moved to mid level range and its base level also got raised accordingly.
  • Thor’s Hammer base damage got reduced by 50%.
  • All versions of Fire Bolters except Hotshot got their base damage reduced by 30% as a compensation for the rate of fire buff in a previous patch.
  • The base damage of Hotshot was increased by 50%.
  • Amir’s Death Dealer got its splash damage fixed as it was supposed to deal that type of damage based on a previous patch.
  • Increased the damage of Vipers by 200%.
  • Increased the range of Negatrons to 15m from 8m. Projectiles changed to homing. This weapon can now drop at all levels past lvl31, however it is still restricted to Stonehenge areas.
  • The Backpack’s name is now displayed in red (like every quest item), and got removed from Sydonai’s drop table. It’s moved to the last Broker quest as a reward. This quest can be done once in both difficulties from now on.
  • Reduced the Shield Penetration values an item can get by the following ruleset:
    • Weapons:
      • Normal – From (30-39) to (4-6)
      • Rare – From (45-54) to (7-9)
      • Legendary – From (60-69) to (10-12)
      • Mythic – From (60-69) to (13-15)
    • Mods:
      • Normal – From (15-24) to (1-3)
      • Rare – From (30-39) to (4-6)
      • Legendary – From (45-54) to (7-9)
  • Shield penetration bonuses on Unique items shouldn’t exceed 25%.
  • Inherent bonuses on armor were lowered from 10%, 15% and 20% to 5% ,10% and 15%.
  • Stonehenge helmets’ shield penetration bonuses were reduced from 23% to 15%
  • Reduced Added Elemental Damage values an item can get by the following ruleset:
    • Mods:
      • Normal – From (5-7) to (1-3)
      • Rare – From (10-12) to (4-6)
      • Legendary – From (15-17) to (7-9)
      • Mythic – From (10-13 x 2) to (4-6 x 2)
    • Weapons:
      • Double-Edged / Mythic – (18-19 x 2) to (7-9 x 2)
  • Stamina feed costs on all Seraph armor has been increased.
  • Abyss unique armor pieces that granted All Attributes have been redesigned:
    • Heart of Heaven now gives 20-25 STR instead.
    • Heart of Darkness now gives 20-25 WILL instead.
    • Techa Band now gives 20-25 ACC instead. Added a 25-50% Critical Damage Bonus.
  • Added new armor set bonuses, in line with existing inherent armor bonuses of current armor lines.
    • Defender Armor Set (All pieces): Shield Skill cooldown reduction.
    • Defender Armor Set (Arms, Legs, Belts): Shield Skill damage.
    • Quartermaster Armor Set (All pieces): Grenade Skill damage.
    • Quartermaster Armor Set (All pieces): Combat Skill damage.
  • Added new affixes exclusive to mods, and they are increasing Combat Skill damage. These affixes appear exclusively for Hunter classes. The value ranges are:
    • Normal: 3-6%
    • Rare: 7-9%
    • Legendary: 10-12%


  • Rings can no longer roll affixes from weapon mods.
  • Added a new groups of affixes designed for rings:
    • Skill damage group (Rare: 13-16%, Legendary: 17-20%, WILL feed cost)
    • Skill cooldown group (Rare: 9-12%, Legendary: 13-16%, STR feed cost)
    • Power cost group (Rare: 9-12%, Legendary: 13-16%, STA feed cost)
    • Boost duration (Rare: 6-9%, Legendary: 10-13%, ACC feed cost)
    • Buff duration (Rare: 13-16%, Legendary: 17-20%, ACC feed cost)
    • Curse duration (Rare: 13-16%, Legendary: 17-20%, ACC feed cost)
    • Class skill boost (Legendary only +1 to all random class skills, higher STA feed cost, very rare)

Unique versions of the Abyss Boss rings are redesigned:

    • Dreadnaught’s Masterwork Band:
      • Random generated affixes got removed. The ring now only grants +AA and all elemental defenses.
    • Fulcrum’s Masterwork Scale:
      • Added an inherent armor value (scales with item level).
      • Total Armor Value increased by 4-7%
      • Hit Points Increased by 15-25%.
      • Minion Health increased by 15-25%.
      • Minion Armor increased by 16-28%.
    • Squadro’s Masterwork Crystal:
      • Adds each elemental damage 1-2%.
      • Armor Penetration 3-7%.
    • Talox’s Masterwork Soulband:
      • Increased Range 20-35%.
      • Increased Missile Velocity 25-50%.
      • Movement Speed 15-25%.
      • All elemental attack strength 8-12%.
  • Added a new unique ring to the game, which can be crafted through a unique recipe found in Dawn of the Dead level:
      • Dark Master
        • Critical Chance (1-3%)
        • Critical Damage (50-125%)

Dye kits

    • Added a new set of dye kits that can be found in the Dawn of the Dead level:
      • Scorched Dye Kit (Elemental Attack Strength +16%)
      • Heroic Dye Kit (Melee Attack Speed +12%)
      • Jade Dye Kit (Movement Speed +20%)
      • Wasp Dye Kit (Minion Damage +35%)
      • Shadow Dye Kit (Critical Chance Multiplier +10%)
      • Twilight Dye Kit (Shield Penetration 25%)
    • Added a new set of dye kits that can be found during the “A Ship’s Flag” and “It Lurks Below” tribute quests:
      • Feasibility Modulator (Splash and Field Radius +10% , untradeable, one time reward)
      • Probability Modulator (Power Regeneration +(50 + ilvl))
      • Pulsating Chronometer (Increased Hit Points +9%)
      • Azure Wrath (Adds 1% Electric Damage)

New items

  • Added a unique version of Vipers:
    • Necrosis
      • Base damage has 3 components: Toxic direct, Toxic splash, Physical DoT
      • Stop Attack Strength
      • Shield Penetration 25%
      • Power Points +75
      • Strength +20
      • Increased Missile Velocity 50-75%
  • Added a new unique shield which can be acquired on early nightmare levels:
    • Shimmer of the Rising Sun
      • +1 to all Blademaster skills
      • THORNS 1-3
      • Strength +20-35
      • Increased duration of Curse skills by 30-50%
      • Increased use rate of Blademaster skills 12-15%
  • Added 2 unique versions of Negatrons:
    • Voivod’s Vacuum Tube:
      • Base damage is partially electric splash (0.3m)
      • 50% increased range
      • 6-10% Spectral Nova on hit
      • Shock attack strength 250-300
      • Strength: +16-24
    • Megatron:
      • Increased base damage, converted to splash (0.5m)
      • 120 hp/min degeneration
      • WORD OF FEAR 1
      • Minion Damage 20-30%
  • Added 3 high level unique Focus items to the game:
    • Eye of the Beholder
      • Base: Lens of the Master
      • Adds 8% Spectral Damage
      • Critical Chance Multiplier (Spectral) 35-45%
      • Willpower +25-40
    • Demon Machine
      • Base: Core of the Master
      • Increased use rate of Evoker skills 8-12%
      • Increased Weapon Range 15%
      • Increased Movement Speed 10-15%
      • Increased Damage vs Demons 35-50%
    • Condensed Hatred
      • Base: Locus of the Master
      • Decreased Splash and Field Radius 15-20%
      • Increased Damage of Cabalist skills 21-35%
      • Shield Overload 200%
      • Armor Penetration 4-9%
  • Added a unique Infernous to the game:
    • Aladdin’s Final Wish
      • Splash radius: +50-70%
      • Minion damage: +30-50%
  • Added a unique Swarm Rifle to the game:
    • Zart’s Considered Opinion
      • Base damage split to 50% toxic swarm and 50% spectral splash
      • Shield penetration: 10-20%
      • Increases toxic damage by 15-22%
      • Increases spectral damage by 15-22%
      • Adds 90-120 to poison attack strength
      • Adds 90-120 to phase attack strength
  • Added a unique Firefly to the game:
    • Jeff’s Gold Bloom
      • Reduced fire rate, increased base damage, partial fire field damage
      • BLINK 1-3
      • Ignite attack strength: 200
      • Movement Speed 15%
  • Added a unique Vigilante to the game:
    • Rattler
      • Damage is converted to Toxic Splash
      • Adds 8-10% toxic damage
      • Shield Penetration 8-10%
      • Poison Attack Strength 122-146

Quartermaster Uniques redesigned

  • Some of the existing Quartermaster Unique armor pieces got reworked:
    • Biogram Sheaths
      • Adds [334 – 389] defense against all special damage effects Minion Health 25-35%
      • Adds [372 – 418] ignite defense Increased to 850-1200
      • Adds [742 – 834] poison defense Boost duration 8-11%
    • Fontaine’s Impressive Pair
      • Power Regeneration: [53 – 58]/min Increased to 120-180
      • +[43 – 49] Shields Increased use rate of Tactical Skills by 13-16%
      • [3 – 5]% chance to release Charged Bolts when you get hit Minion Armor 25-35%
    • Ihringer’s Encasement
      • Health Regeneration: [57 – 61]/min Increased to 120-180
      • Adds [372 – 418] stun defense +1 to Tactical Skills
      • Adds [742 – 834] phase defense Minion Damage 25-35%
    • Pierson’s Braces
      • [3 – 5]% chance to release Charged Bolts when you get hit Increased use rate of Drone skills by 20-30%
      • +[51 – 58] Shields MEDPAK RETROFIT 1-3
      • Adds [742 – 834] stun defense Minion Health 25-35%
      • Adds [372 – 418] poison defense Increased to 850-1200
    • Platinum Spans
      • Power Regeneration: [53 – 58]/min Increased to 120-180
      • [6 – 10]% chance to release Charged Bolts when you get hit Increased damage of Combat skills by 12-15%
    • Reap3r’s Reinforced Jack
      • Hit Point Bonus: +5% Minion Health 25-35%
      • Health Regeneration: [57 – 61]/min Increased to 120-180
      • Armor Value Increased: [40 – 44]% Shield Penetration 15-25%
      • +[59 – 66] Shields Stamina 15-21
      • Adds [742 – 834] ignite defense Splash and Field radius 15-21%
      • Adds [372 – 418] shock defense Increased to 850-1200

Class changes


  • Crusader Wrath is now added to the Swordsmanship skill group.
  • Matched Blades now gives Willpower instead of Strength as a passive bonus.
  • Increased Taunt and Fear attack strength of Call of the Chosen is now also based on character level.
  • The duration of Whirlwind is now 3 seconds. Reduced the cooldown of this skill to 15 seconds at skill level 1, reaching 5 seconds at skill level 10. This skill grants 15% increased damage per skill level now. You are now able to jump during Whirlwind.


  • Great Defender, Shield of Faith and Shield Wall are added to the Shields skill group.
  • Added Sword of Justice and Sweeping Strike to the Retribution tab.
  • Cooldown of Shield Turn increased to 5 seconds from 3.


  • Tactical Mode, Medpak Retrofit, and Gyroblade are added to the Tactical skill group.
  • Skill effect description of Nanobots and Molotov Assault has been fixed.
  • Escape was removed from the boost group.
  • The Drone’s AI has been tweaked to do its actions longer. Its sight range was reduced to 30m from 60m.
  • All Strikes can now be unlocked 5 levels earlier, and their order was redistributed to match the Marksman’s skill tree.


  • Sniper skill is reworked, from now on it can only be activated with a two-handed sniper rifle in your hand. 
  • Sniper skill now gains a 10% damage bonus per level, starting with 50% at lvl1.
  • Sniper skill now gains a 5% movement speed bonus per level, starting with -50% at lvl1.
  • Sniper skill now gains 5% shield penetration per level, starting with 10% at lvl1.
  • Master Sniper gains a 3% armor penetration bonus per level.
  • Camouflage got its maximum level reduced to 5. Its duration got adjusted according to this change.
  • The activation range of Camouflage is now getting reduced by 1m per skill level.
  • Camouflage now provides a 100% Rate of Fire increase during its effect.
  • Boost group added back on Multishot.
  • Grenades and Strikes deal 45% of their damage during Multistrike.
  • Escape was removed from the boost group.
  • Cooldown of strikes reduced to 30 seconds from 40 seconds.
  • Shared Cooldown of strikes reduced to 8 seconds from 12 seconds. This change applies to Engineer strikes too.


  • The skills’ damage calculation was overhauled to make single target / close range skills more powerful than AoE skills. This change also affects the toxic tree on the Summoner.
  • Ember starts with 1 projectile at skill level 1, gaining additional projectiles at level 2, and maxing out at 6 projectiles on level 10.
  • Hellfire no longer gains 10% radius per level. The base radius is now set to 12m.
  • The base cooldown of Hellfire was increased to 6 seconds from 5 seconds.
  • The base cooldown of Swarm was reduced to 4 seconds from 6 seconds. This change applies to the Summoner’s version too.
  • The skill effect description of Spectral Bolts has been fixed.
  • Demonspine will no longer pierce enemies. 


  • Reduced the HP of all elementals and shadowlings by 25%.
  • Reduced the damage of Fire, Storm and Toxic elementals by 83%.
  • Reduced the damage of Force elementals and Spectral elementals by 50%.
  • Increased the ignite attack strength of Fire Elementals by 600% to match the elemental attack strength of other Elementals.
    • These changes indirectly affect the damage of Elemental Nova.
  • Reduced the damage of Shadowlings by 87%. 
  • Reduced the damage of Warper and Carnagor by 50%.
  • Reduced the damage of Reaper by 75%.
  • Cooldown of Elemental Nova skill increased to 15 seconds from 10 seconds at skill level 1.
  • Elemental Attack Strength of Elemental Nova increased to 150% from 100%.
  • Brom’s Curse also applies a 3% SFX debuff per Elemental Drain’s skill level. 
  • Darkform’s Melee Speed Bonus per accuracy point increased to 0.2% from 0.1%.
  • Reduced the summoning chance of Shadow Minions on Dark Lord to 30% from 100%.
  • Added a Skill Synergy on Darkform, which increases the Shadow Minion summoning chance by 7% per skill level.
  • You can now use Venomous Spirit and Swarm while in Darkform.
  • Dark Offering is now in the Evocation skill group.
  • Dark Offering now also increases all elemental attack strength by 17% per active Shadow Minion. This skill now attacks with all elemental damage types instead of just Toxic and Physical.
  • Warper got its base HP increased by 400%, and got a shield value. 
  • The cooldown reduction granted by Witch Doctor spell got reduced by 50% per level.
  • Witch Doctor got its healing laser changed to an area healing spell similar to Nautilus’ healing spell.
  • Hand of Nostrum got removed from the skill tree.
  • The descriptions of Venomous Spirit, Venom Armor and Swarm now correctly state the Cabalist as the skill user rather than the Evoker.

Expertise changes:

  • Enhanced Accuracy became Enhanced Weapon Accuracy and it now grants Weapon Accuracy instead of the stat.
  • Enhanced Stamina now grants hp% buff instead of Stamina.
  • Enhanced Willpower now grants power% buff instead of Willpower.
  • Enhanced Strength now grants Melee Speed Bonus instead of Strength.