Removal of Non-Elite Mode

In the next patch coming soon, the ability to create characters in non-Elite mode will be removed (sometimes called “Normal” mode, not to be confused with pre-Nightmare mode). This decision was reached due to the unfortunate side effect of the two-difficulty system further fragmenting the already modest player base of this private server. Elite was intended as an up-sell to entice players to purchase a subscription back in 2007, and the distinction no longer makes sense in our context. Going forward, every player will experience the equivalent of Elite mode, and the only trade/group restrictions will remain between Hardcore/Softcore and Nightmare/Normal (which is toggle-able).

Hardcore mode remains unchanged, although all Hardcore characters will techincally be Hardcore Elite. Existing non-Elite mode characters will be converted to Elite on their first login.

One note: Non-Elite characters should move all items out of shared stash, or risk losing access to them after the patch is applied. We converted non-Elite characters to Elite as a courtesy, as that functionality will not be necessary after the beginning of beta due to the beta wipe, so we won’t be providing support for lost items for non-Elite mode characters.

There will be detailed patch notes for the upcoming extensive patch, which will include major bug fixes as well as content changes. Stay tuned!