Patch 1.3.0a Notes

Patch Summary

This patch introduces a major bug fix for disappearing mods in items in the shared stash, which is one of the major items we wanted to fix before beta. Our list of bugs before beta grows shorter, and our ability to modify the game and respond to feedback has grown immensely. Also included are a variety of changes to skills, weapons, content, and loot. As this is still and alpha patch, please do expect these things to change over time, but we are excited to offer some changes that many in the community and on the 2038 team have been hoping for. Additionally, non-elite mode has been removed and non-elite characters have been migrated, in an effort to consolidate the playerbase and simplify the testing and coding process.

As with the previous rate of fire patch, please note most item changes are not retroactive. Existing copies of the items may not see the updates.

This patch is a major step towards the launch of beta, and you should expect to see continued efforts towards bugfixing and mastering the ability to create and modify content in the game going forward. As always, please test each new change thoroughly and report any bugs accordingly.


  • Mods in items in the shared stash will no longer disappear.
  • Any mods lost in the shared stash will be returned to the item they were in when lost.
    • If another mod was placed in the slot after the disappearance, the lost mods will appear in the player’s inventory on login
    • If the player’s inventory is full, the lost mods will appear on the ground on login
  • The algorithm for picking up and dismantling items with the Piecemaker has been majorly modified
    • Players should see a massive increase in speed and performance when using the Piecemaker, especially with large amounts of loot on the ground
    • Players will no longer be spammed with “no room in inventory” messages when auto-pickup is enabled

Game Mode Changes

  • Removed the ability to create non-elite characters
  • Existing non-elite (“normal”) characters have been migrated to Elite mode
  • HCE and Elite characters are unaffected

Summoner Changes

  • Elemental summon skills are now mass summon all available elementals.
    • Known bug: Summoners can summon up to maximum even if the player doesn’t have the required power. This will be fixed shortly
  • Dark Lord now has a 100% chance to trigger.
  • Dark Lord’s maximum level is now 7.
  • Dark Lord has a maximum number of 3 zombies spawned at level 1, and up to 9 at max level.
  • Meat Shield now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Enrage now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Hand of Nostrum now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Spellstorm now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Spectral Strike now has a cooldown of 15 sec down from 30.
  • Carnagor’s taunt interval reduced to 1 sec from 4.
  • Carnagor’s taunt strength increased by 300%.
  • Carnagor’s taunt radius increased by 50%.
  • Carnagor’s size has been increased.
  • Elemental Nova’s damage reduced by 50%. The initial blast damage is reduced by 62.5%. Blast and field radius decreased to 12m from 15m.
  • Added the Evoker’s toxic tree to the Necromancy tab of the Summoner.
  • Word of fear has been moved above Darkform.
  • Blood Surge has been moved above Blink.

Guardian Changes

  • Taunt strength of Challenge and Denounce has been greatly increased.
  • The maximum level of Challenge, Denounce, Provoke, and Heavenly Condemnation has been reduced to 5.
  • Aura of Power is no longer required to take Aura Stability.
  • All bosses have had their immunity to Taunt removed, and should now be tauntable, with the following exceptions still being untauntable:
    • Wurm
    • Destructible Hellrifts
    • Talox

Misc Changes

  • Revenant pet’s fireball cooldown reduced to 1 sec
  • Nautilus’ healing interval has been reduced to 10 sec down from 20
  • The blueprint result of the Piecemaker quest should be untradeable from now on.
  • Parliament Square side areas should now have music.
  • Named monsters like Fat Bully spawn at 100% rate.
  • Desiccator spawn at 100% rate.
  • Hellrifts, Ancient Bloods and Elite Passageways are more densely populated with monsters.
  • Elite passageways have a greater chance to appear.
  • Known bug: Talox’s physical minions may appear as unique, although this has no impact on gameplay
  • Talox’s minions walk and run speed are consolidated.
  • Fulcrum’s totem names are correctly displayed.
  • Fixed the cooldown of Venom Armor on Fulcrum’s Venom Totem to trigger at a 2 sec rate, increased from 0.2 sec.
  • Hellgates found in Crown Office Row quest are now harder to destroy.
  • Known bug: Monster reflect affixes no longer work at the moment. 
  • The Big Gundown map no longer scales with player level (Press F to pay respects to HC chars who died there)

Westminster Catacombs Changes

  • Westminster Catacombs now has a greater general difficulty multiplier than before.
  • Monster level scaling relative to the player has been modified in Catacombs:
    •  +1 level until Level 5
    •  +3 levels until Level 10
    •  +5 levels until Level 15
  • All Abyss hellrift types can appear from Level 1-10
  • Only Spectral Hellrifts will appear from 11 onwards.
  • Brompton Cemetery has greater monster density. This map now spawns with a normal Hellrift 30% of the time.

Rate of Fire Changes

  • Peacemaker (all) ~60
  • Nova guns (all) ~30
  • Swarm Hives (all) ~37
  • Infernous ~60
  • Abbadon’s Hellstiker rate of fire increased to 300 from 120. Base damage decreased by 15%.
  • Charger rate of fire increased to 400 from 120. Base damage increased by 100%.
  • TRD’s rate of fire increase to 15 from 12. Base damage increased by 200%.

Weapon Changes

  • Changed the XM9X Thundergod’s proc skill to Electric Nova, reduced the proc chance to 12%-15%
  • Infernous now does 10 times more damage than before, has an inherent base critical chance of 5% and 150% critical damage. Minimum mod slots increased to 1 from 0. 
  • The Cleanser now does splash damage, and its damage has been increased.
  • The weapon Hellbore is now scale with content level, it’s field attack has been increased to 3.5m from 1.5m. Base weapon damage has been increased.
  • Vigilantes got their base damage increased.
  • Force Magnums now also have splash damage.
  • All variants of XM666 now deal splash damage and got their base damage increased.
  • All variants of XM666 now have an armor value.
  • All variants of Grizzly guns got their base damage increased by 100%, splash radius increased to 3.5m from 1.5m.
  • Plague Darters got their base damage increased, and now they all do splash damage.
  • All kind of Thorn Bolter’s damage increased by 100%.

Loot Changes

  • Sydonai and the 5 lies now have a special drop table added, and their drop rate has been increased significantly.
  • Sydonai’s first time drop has been added into his default drop pool.
  • Sydonai now has 5% to drop a Backpack, which is an untradeable, one of a kind container item (only one per player), with 36 slots, which can contain 1×1 items.
    • Currently consumables are not usable from the backpack, which will be fixed in the future.
  • Improved the overall quality of boss drops.
  • Pet drop chance from Talox increased to 5% from 0.5%
  • Abyss bosses now drop a greater number of general loot.
  • General recipes should produce rare or better quality items, up to and including Mythic, with appropriate rarities. This includes the Techsmiths at stations.
  • The monster level restriction of mid-high level unique weapons has been removed. (You may find Hu’s or Hikidas from lvl50+ monsters)
  • Beast of Abbadon, Bloodblade, The Brain, Wurm and 314 trio should now drop their previously first-drop items every time like it was a first kill.

Notable Replies

  1. Awesome changes!

    I see the enemies with the Shielded affix not actually having any shields remains unfixed.

  2. Really nice patch ! Giving us a reason to farm campaign bosses is great !
    After some of us complained that inventory size/bank space were an issue, I’m sure that backpack + Piecemaker will already help a lot <3
    Being able to get lowish uniques everywhere is also nice, as sadly grinding low level stuff is not a great way to spend the day ^^

  3. Appreciate the changes, gives me a good reason to do parliament rifts rather then the wilds.

  4. Wow, patches are like buses- you wait for ages and then three come at once :joy:
    But seriously, well done team, great work. Just trying summy atm, first impressions- maybe a bit too strong but cutting elemental nova a definite- was blowing up most of screen like a Global Engi :open_mouth:

  5. Uff, smells like Jesus Patch :slight_smile:

    So many issues adressed. Love the Sydonai change.

    The only fear i have is that at some point the game gets to easy. Therefore i suggest thinking about a means for the player to increase difficulty by themselves (eg paying more than 5 essences to make the Bossruns harder etc.)

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