Patch 1.2.2a Notes

New Quest:


We are pleased to announce we have succeeded in adding the first completely new quest to the game, including custom dialogue, custom quest tasks and objectives, and a completely new item as a reward. This is a major accomplishment for the 2038 team, and lays the groundwork for many future content additions.

Players will notice a new member of the crew in Charing Cross Station, Techsmith 42. He is reporting to Charing Cross with an exhilarating technological possibility, but needs a bit of help. The jovial 42 requires some special extractions from highly dangerous monsters in locations around Charing Cross–rumor has it the floating scrotums known as Sinns may be involved.

Players will need to have completed the existing quest “That’ll Get Infected” before Techsmith 42 will deem you worthy to offer the new quest (if you have already completed this quest, Techsmith 42 will offer it immediately).

WARNING: Sinns are very powerful demons for their level, ones that are meant to be a challenge. HCE players are strongly advised to engage them with extreme caution or avoid them until later in the game, or risk permanent death. We won’t be doing any favors for HCE characters that get themselves fried doing this quest! You have been warned!

As always, please provide bug reports for the new quest hereĀ

The London 2038 team will continue to address bugs on the road to beta, but we hope this new quest and its highly valuable reward will show the possibilities of the project and enhance the joy that alpha testers derive from our server.