Patch 1.2.1a Notes


  • Players will no longer experience “flickering” or “disappearing” graphics issues. This problem seemed to primarily affect Templar classes, but should no longer occur at all.


  • Multiple issues causing item disappearance have been addressed.
    • Items may still disappear. If they do, please make detailed bug reports.
  • An issue causing characters to become unplayable after item errors has been addressed
  • A way to possibly recover previously disappeared items has been added. **Note that this is not guaranteed to return all items a player has lost, and was added as a convenience for Alpha testers.** Please see the instructions below:


Item Recovery: 

The following is an item recovery process that testers can attempt:

1. Log into the game.

The game will attempt to “return” some lost items to the player, one item per log in. Depending on the available space the player has in their inventory when they log in, one of two cases will occur next:


    2a. If the player DOES have enough room in their character inventory for an item to return, the first item in the queue will be automatically placed in the player’s inventory.


    2b. If the player DOES NOT have enough room, the first item in the queue will be dropped on the ground, and the player will be notified through a popup text that this has happened.

NOTE: An item that has been dropped on the ground in this manner cannot be picked up by other players.
However, those items are NOT bound to the player as long as they’re not picked up; please pick these items up as soon as possible because they will be GONE permanently on a server restart.

3. Log out of the game and log back in.

Regardless of where the previous item is, the next item will attempt to return to the player.
Depending on the available space the player has when they log back in, either 2a or 2b will occur again.

Repeat this step until no more items appear on the ground or return to your inventory.

4. All done!

Once all items that have been lost during Alpha are recovered in this manner, this process should stop.

As soon as items stop disappearing altogether, this process should stop occuring entirely.
In the meantime, we hope this provides a solution towards recovering lost items.