Patch 1.2.0a Notes


  • For the first time, Hellgate London now has a DPS tracker. You can find it on the bottom right of your UI, under the power globe. It is an average of the last 3 seconds of DPS, updating every 1 second.
    • Post your DPS on the forums!
    • This is a brand new feature and is still definitely in alpha, so please make useful bug reports if you notice any oddities.
  • Server-side changes to allow better monitoring and logging have been implemented and should have no impact on tester experience.


  • Moloch and Talox both now have a 5% chance to drop one from any of the three retrainers (skill, stat, expertise).
  • Talox now has a 45% chance to drop one abyss weapon. The weapon can be in legendary, unique, or mythic quality.
  • Talox now has a 0.5% chance to drop one of the four common decorative pets (Manta, Manta FSS, Cocomoko, Cocomoko Korea).
  • Fulcrum, Squadro, and Dreadnaught now have a 7.5% chance to drop unique Abyss armor.
  • Fulcrum, Squadro, and Dreadnaught now have a 50% chance to drop Abyss armor (for any class) in legendary, double edged, or mythic quality.

32 Bit Support

  • As of patch 1.2.0a, London 2038 officially supports 32 bit Windows. Follow the install instructions as normal and you will be able to play.