Patch 1.1.0a Notes


  • Lag and latency issues across the board have been eliminated or drastically reduced. Players should see reduced average pings as well as no lag spikes during high population
  • Players will now see other players in full resolution textures while in station. Show off your 1337 gear!
  • A certain merchant in Charing Cross Station is very excited about open alpha, and seems to be… aroused by our progress. Make sure you have sound on to hear her enthusiasm.
  • Links in the client login screen to create account, get help, etc now direct to Thanks Crash195x2!

Fawkes Day Event

  • The Fawkes Day event quest should be available at Nemo in Templar Base and Holborn. Please don’t ask us what to do, figure it out! If you find yourself unable to complete it, let us know.
  • We’re proud to invite all classes to now participate in the Marksman sports of hurling grenades during the Fawkes Day celebration–see any merchant for details
  • The 2038 team would like to extend our gratitude to Kikina for assistance in shaking the bugs out of the Fawkes Day Event. Thanks Kikina!

Notable Replies

  1. You should not have Nemo at Holborn Station offer the quest. New players cannot do it if I’m not mistaken as they cannot easily get to the Templar Base. They end up asking about the quest and its objective and the answers are only going to disappoint. New players will end up having it enabled through their start into the game, which will become a problem latest at Covent Garden Station, where one can get a lot of active quests and one can only have so many quests open at a time. That’s only more cause for disappointments and confusion.

    Players who can get to the Templar Base shouldn’t have a problem and don’t need Nemo at Holborn to offer the quest. They can just get it at the Templar Base itself.

    Hence I suggest you don’t offer it directly at Holborn Station, unless you can change the objective so that it isn’t bound to the Templar Base.

  2. Unfortunately, while the quest file specifies the npc who rewards the quest being completed and the location of that npc, it doesn’t specify the location of the npc who can give out the quest.
    So the reward is given from Nemo at Templar base, but any instance of Nemo can give the quest.

    Perhaps changing the quest giver to an npc who is only at Templar base may work. For example, the wanted pillar may work. Cast giver 81 to 86. I won’t have the time to test this until the weekend.

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