Our Rules and Guidelines

London 2038 is a free to play, private Hellgate: London server. It is heavily based on the state of the game during its Test Center days (particularly the TCv4 build, “Abyss Chronicles”), and aims to provide a purist experience of the original game.

1) Getting Started

In order to play London 2038, you will need a clean, English, retail version of Hellgate:London installed.

The game is still available for purchase (second-hand copies) from sites like eBay and Amazon. Some have also reported success in retrieving digital copies they had registered back when the game was actively distributed, e.g. with Origin.

There might be other ways to obtain the game, but we cannot distribute the game ourselves or support piracy. Regardless of how you obtain the game, the Setup.exe will require that you provide a valid CD key in order to complete the installation (we do not check CD keys after installation, so duplicates will still work).

Step 1 – Installation

  • Install Hellgate:London to a fresh directory.

This must be separate from any other Hellgate:London installation that a player may wish   to keep for playing SP modifications or for any other purposes.

  • Install the 2.0 MP patch.

The patch can be found on hellgateaus.info here and on other sites. Remember to run the MP client once after the installation, so that the game can update some necessary files.

  • Move London2038_dx9_x64.exe and London2038_dx10_x64.exe (distributed by Omerta or the staff) to your MP directory (Hellgate London\MP_x64).
  • Move the serverlist.xml (distributed by Omerta or the staff) to your Data directory (Hellgate London\Data). NOT to be confused with the data_common folder.

Step 2 – Accounts

At the moment, Omerta has to manually set up accounts, so kindly use the provided credentials while an account creation/management portal is created.

Step 3 – Launching the game!

At this point you should be good to go! Please always launch the game through the London2038_dx9_x64.exe or London2038_dx10_x64.exe distributed by Omerta or the staff. Upon login, kindly remember to tick “Show All” in the game’s main menu and select the “London 2038” server.

Common errors and Troubleshooting

If you experience any problems with running the game, please refer to the appropriate sections on Discord, hellgateaus or london2038.com. Do not hesitate to contact Community Managers for personal assistance if the issue persists.

A list of common errors which may prevent access to 2038 can be found below.

  • A failed installation of the 2.0 MP patch.

This most often results from not running the MP client once after the patch’s installation. Kindly note that the MP client referenced here is the game’s own .exe in the MP_x64 folder, NOT the custom .exes that are added at a later installation step.

  • Not selecting the London 2038 server in the game menu

This is a common source of confusion in the game’s current state, and will likely be rectified in the coming patches.

Kindly remember to enable the “Show All” tickbox in the game’s menu, so that the proper London 2038 server can then be selected.

  • “London 2038” unavailable from the list of servers

This is the result of not placing the updated serverlist.xml in one’s Data directory (a common oversight during the installation), or having the file in the wrong directory. Make sure you move serverlist.xml to your Hellgate London\Data directory. If in doubt, the contents of the XML file can be checked with a text editor.

  • “Infinite loading screen” upon login

This usually results from running the game through the original launcher, or not running the new .exes directly from the MP_x64 folder. The former is likely a habitual error, while the latter is often an installation error. Remember to move London2038_dx9_x64.exe and London2038_dx10_x64.exe to your Hellgate London\MP_x64 directory and only run them directly from that location, or through shortcuts to them once they’ve been properly placed there.

The original Hellgate launcher will start the wrong executable. Check the game’s main menu screen, which should read 2749.0.0.4577 in the lower right corner. If you see instead, it’s the original multiplayer and login will fail.

2) Global Server Rules and Policies

Third Party Tools, Cheating, Exploiting, Botting

London 2038 is strictly against players using third-party programs / cheating or automation (“botting”). Any program that provides unintended advantages or in any way interacts with, inspects, or modifies the game client is strictly prohibited. In particular, the “mmBBQ” utility (and any program that behaves like it) is strictly disallowed.

London 2038 actively uses anti-cheat software to detect such behavior. Players caught using any such programs will be warned and temporarily banned, then permanently banned if they continue.


“Boxing” is strictly disallowed on London 2038. This is defined as playing more than one character per server by the same person, and is accomplished by such programs as “Sandboxie”.

Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action such as temporary bans and possible loss of accounts involved.

Playing one character per server, when/if multiple servers become available, will be allowed.

RMT (Real Money Trade)

The involvement of any currency, items, or services external to any London 2038 server is strictly forbidden.

This includes – but is not limited to – real money (USD, Euro, etc.), regulated or otherwise (Bitcoin), and virtual currency of any other game; for any of London 2038’s items or services (including, but not limited to: Items, Palladium, Power Leveling, Accounts/Characters).

Game Masters track the game’s economy very closely, and we take such transactions very seriously. Violation of this rule will most often result in permanent bans for all accounts involved (buyers, sellers, mules, transferrers).

Language, Harassment

Excessive use of foul or inappropriate language in public channels, or any such language specifically and consistently used against a player, will be considered disruptive and the offenders will be disciplined.

Players are advised to use the “ignore” function of the game for anyone exhibiting this behavior in public channels and/or guilds and parties. GMs will generally not act on private messages unless the player is abusing the system by such means as creating new accounts/characters to bypass a player’s ignore list.

Harassment is defined as the intentional, targeted abuse of another player by such behavior as taunting, being consistently profane, disrupting gameplay, or creating new accounts/characters to avoid filter mechanics.

3) Current recurring staff initiatives

In the game’s current Alpha state, certain GM interventions/initiatives in the game and on Discord are recurring.

A special “Test Center Vendor” is currently available in Charing Cross Station, and is intended to make testing TC gear and items easier.

The vendor is currently the only non-GM provider of TC Skill Tokens and TC rings (in exchange for palladium). Kindly note, however, that the game will eventually progress to a stage where the TC vendor will be removed.

  • Q&A voice chat and Streaming

This is an initiative currently carried out and maintained by CM Xenomeowph (aka UniqueRelic).

Meant to serve as a direct means of communication with staff members to allow for easier troubleshooting, testers are encouraged to use this if any persistent issues arise with the installation or during gameplay.

  • 2038 Facebook group

This is an initiative currently carried out and maintained by CMs VampQ and Bryan.

Meant to serve as an alternative means of receiving game-related announcements by staff members, testers/players who use Facebook regularly are encouraged to join the group here.

4) Useful Links

A number of links to troubleshooting and/or informational documents and threads are available on Discord, as pinned posts in #general, #testing and #announcements, and as recurring posts in #announcements. A list of said links can also be found below.

2038 forum subsection (forum)

2038 FAQ (forum)

2038 tester application form (google forms)

2038 Community Manager application form (google forms)

Hellgate London German to English guide (hellgateaus) and appropriate English Patch files (mediafire)

2038 Alpha known issues list (google docs)

2038 Alpha bug report form (google forms)

2038 skill/class/general suggestions thread (forum)

2038 early item drawing board (hellgateaus)

2038 Facebook group (facebook)

5) Future plans, additions and feedback

London 2038 is still in an incomplete phase, as it steadily transitions from an Alpha into a Beta stage. While 2038 does aim to provide a purist experience of the original game, the original game itself has left a notorious legacy of balance issues and limited content, which we feel obliged to rectify.

Future plans include eventually retrofitting Global content (such as 2-handed swords and other gear), adding new/community items, implementing unused NPCs (such as Glynnis), establishing recurring or unique events and possibly “season”-type event cycles, modifying class skills/gear, and possibly modifying vendors to include unused/new items.

New content, such as staff-made expansions or releasing new/previously unreleased classes is under consideration. New milestones in development are expected in the near future, so such additions remain a very real possibility.

For any and all feedback related to future additions or changes, kindly remember to use the following forum threads.

Server reboot feedback thread

2038 Ideas: Skill/Class/General changes!

2038: Design your own items!

6) FAQ

Q: How do I take a screenshot, and where is it saved?

A: The screenshot function is bound to the PrtScrn key (“print screen”).

Unfortunately, its use won’t give you any visual feedback – therefore many prefer the alternate console command /screenshot instead (which does show a message).

Both save a new .bmp file to the Documents\My Games\Hellgate\Screenshots folder. Please note that these files are rather big, and you should preferably convert them to a more compact format like .jpg before attaching or uploading them somewhere, e.g. on Discord.

Some users experienced issues when trying to create screenshots from full screen mode.

A workaround is to use “windowed” mode instead (available from the video settings in “Options”).

Q: Are we under some kind of non-disclosure agreement?

A: There’s no strict NDA. However, if you would like to advertise London 2038 or address a broader audience (like when streaming), you should ask Omerta first.

We also ask you to refrain from teasing others / bragging about alpha access in Discord’s general chat. Please use the dedicated #testing channel for any discussions related to the current multiplayer.

Q: Is the progress reset after a certain timespan, like every 2 weeks or so?

A: As of now, there are no fixed intervals. Resets (character wipes) might be necessary due to development progress, e.g. when deploying certain fixes or new features that are incompatible with existing data. Normally we won’t kill your progress without having good reasons to do so. These wipes will of course be announced beforehand (e.g. in #alpha-announcements).

Q: Is every tester allowed to use the voice chat in Discord?

A: Yes, no restrictions there.